Big Discounts on Surface Pro 3 to Students – Tip of the Week

Big Discounts on Surface Pro 3 to Students
For a Limited Time Microsoft Is Offering Big Discounts on Surface Pro 3 to Students:

In case you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft is offering big discounts on Surface Pro 3 to US college students; the price cuts range from $150 to $194 depending on the model you choose.

Here are the details on this deal:

What: Discount on new Surface Pro 3

Who: US College Students

Where: Microsoft Education Portal

How much: $150 for i3 and i5 models, $154-$194 for i7 models

Shipping and Returns: Free

Verification: Yes, student status verification prior to purchase is required

Limit: Yes, one (1) per 12-month period

Expiration: Yes – 9/3/14

Combine with other discounts: NO, cannot use with other promotional deals.

How to verify: Here are the student verification steps

  • Enter Education portal, see link to Portal above.
  • Click on Shop Products drop down tab.
  • All the way in the column farthest to right there is a link titled “Education“; Click the link.
  • Once there you should see a menu with a list of schools in the US categorized by state.  Find your school, click the verify button – this takes care of the verification.
  • Then click the Start shopping button and it will allow you to see all the discounts. One of them is the $150 discount for college students.

Other discounts: Yes, 10% off on all accessories, 10% off Windows PCs, special pricing for all software.  Also, don’t forget that you can save money on Surface Bundles
– Microsoft claims up to 33% in savings.

The process is really quite easy and for that kind of savings, it’s worth the extra few steps. So, if you have a child going off to college or you are a teacher or you simply work for education, check this deal out.

Note: these discounts cannot be combined with the MacBook Air trade-in program, so if you have one of those you may want to stop by your local Microsoft store to see if you can get an even better deal, see Trade in Your MacBook Air for a Surface.

If you have an older Surface you’d like to sell in order to buy one of the new ones or you’re interested in saving some money and want to buy a used Surface, check out Surface Exchange Classifieds.


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