Chrome and YouTube are Killing your Battery



If you’ve been watching YouTube with Chrome on your Surface Pro tablet, you may have noticed that your battery seems to run out faster than it should.

Maybe you chalked it up to your imagination or maybe you blamed the battery in your Surface Pro 3. However, it turns out, the Chrome browser itself is likely the problem. Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Warping

Surface Pro 3 Warping

Remember the bendy iPhone debacle a few months back? Well, Microsoft might just be in for their own version since some folks are starting to discover their Surface Pro 3 tablets are bent/warped as well.

First reported a couple of months back on the Microsoft Community Forums, it seems more than a few people have noticed a slight curve in the case of their Surface Pro 3 tablets. Continue reading

Get a Surface Pro 2 for Cheap

Get a Surface Pro 2 for Cheap

With all of this discussion about the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4, you might not have heard that you can get a Surface Pro 2 for cheap from Groupon while supplies last.

For just $699.00 you can get a  i5/128GB model or $799.99 for a i5/512GB model. You also get a PowerCover (usually $199.00 by itself) as part of the deal!

Get it Here: Surface Pro 2 with Power Cover

Continue reading

Startup Programs on Surface Pro 3

Startup Programs on Surface Pro 3

If your Surface is performing slower than it used to, especially at start up, it may be because you have a lot of startup programs that you don’t need, or even want, running in the background when you start your Surface and/or log into it.

Sadly, with Windows 8.1, it can be bit troublesome to figure out where all of your startup programs are being called from. This is because there are several locations in the registry and the (somewhat hidden) startup folder that you might need to search through to find them all.

Fortunately, there is a free program you can run on your SP3 (or SP/2) to find and control all of the startup programs locations. Continue reading

High CPU Usage Could be a Runaway Process

Runaway Process

If your Surface is acting slow or getting hot when you’re not doing anything intensive, it could be due to a runaway process.

A runaway process is a process that is consuming increasing amounts of CPU, which in turn, causes your Surface to have fewer resources available for other (critical) processes. Worse yet, the runaway process can also cause your battery life to be impacted, see post Why My Surface Does Not Sleep. Continue reading