Surface Accessories Buying Guide: Holidays 2014

Surface Accessories Buying Guide: Holidays 2014

In my last post, Microsoft Surface Buying Guide: Holidays 2014, I outlined some advice on which Surface to get for yourself (or as a gift) depending on the type of Surface user you are.

In this post, which I’m calling my Surface Accessories Buying Guide: Holidays 2014, I’m going to discuss which accessories would be most appreciated by the different types of Surface users as identified in my last post.

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Microsoft Surface Buying Guide: Holidays 2014

Microsoft Surface Buying Guide-Holidays 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from folks wondering which version of the Surface they should get for themselves or as a gift. We’ve occasionally provided some advice on this topic, like our Surface Pro 3 i5 vs i7 – Is the Upgrade Worth the Money? post from October, and people seem to find it helpful.

So, we decided to create a Microsoft Surface Buying Guide for the upcoming 2014 holiday season to help you decide which Surface tablet is right for you or as a gift for someone else.

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Cortana on Surface

Cortana on SurfaceSince Microsoft is planning on including Cortana in Windows 10, it means you’re (probably) going to be able to use Cortana on Surface tablets.

In case you haven’t heard about Cortana, it’s Microsoft’s version of Apple’s Siri and is intended to be a virtual personal assistant. Up until now, it’s been mostly a Windows Phone feature but it will soon be something you may use on your Surface tablet. Continue reading

Holiday Sale From Microsoft

Surface-Holiday-BundleHoliday Sale From Microsoft:

It seems that the holiday shopping started really early this year -  or maybe it’s just me. In any case, Microsoft is offering some pretty good sales coming up that I want to bring to your attention.

Microsoft store is now running a clock countdown to reveal all of their Black Friday pricing. In a little over 7 hours, they will show all of the sale pricing – so make sure you keep an eye on them at Microsoft’s site .

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