Wireless Speakers For Surface Tablets

Listen to music wirelessly on your Surface tablet:

wireless speakers -redThat Salsa class you’ve been taking is kicking your butt. This dance stuff is harder than you expected and after a couple of weeks of class, you realized the only way you’ll get better is by practicing.

So, you cleared the room to make space to practice your dance moves and you set up your Surface tablet to play your favorite Salsa music. But man, between your breathing and your feet, you just don’t think the sound is loud enough.


You are a music buff and you installed all your favorite tunes on your Surface Pro 3 and now you’re trying to figure out how you can listen to them in your shower. You can’t exactly take your Surface in the tub with you, can you?

Have no worries, there are plenty of options for wireless speakers out there. Including some waterproof ones!

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Second October Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update

Second October Surface Pro 3 Firmware UpdateYesterday, Microsoft released a second set of Surface Pro 3 firmware updates for October. Unlike the October 6th update, which was just focused on Surface Pro 3 pen functionality, this is a much more comprehensive set of updates.

The updates (designated System Firmware Update – 10/28/2014) include graphics and WiFi fixes, among other things. If you’re the curious type, you can find some more details about the individual updates below. Continue reading

Surface is Starting to Turn a Profit

Surface is Starting to Turn a Profit

After two years, around $1.73 billion in losses, and persistent rumors that they were going to stop making them, it looks like Microsoft’s persistence may be starting to pay off.

Recently, Microsoft released a report showing that the Surface division brought in $908 million in revenue last quarter. It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Surface is starting to turn a profit, it’s an excellent device and is selling twice as fast as the (also excellent) Surface Pro 2 did. Continue reading

Configure Windows 8.1 Automatic Maintenance on your Surface

Configure Automatic Maintenance on your SurfaceOne of the less advertised but useful features that your Surface tablet offers is the Windows 8.1 Automatic Maintenance Tool (or WAM – Windows Automatic Maintenance).

This tool is part of the Action Center and automatically performs mundane tasks, such as security updates, security scans, and system diagnostics. It also makes sure your Windows and its applications up-to-date; all this while you’re not using your computer.

As you can imagine, Windows 8.1 Automatic Maintenance is quite useful for making sure your Surface tablet is running well with a minimum of interaction from you. Continue reading

Is Windows App Store Going To Get More Apps?

windows app storeAre there more apps coming for the Windows Apps store?

The answer is: very likely

The number one complaint I hear from folks that switched from an iPad to a Surface 2 is the lack of their favorite apps in the Windows App store. Yes, there are some alternatives to the most popular apps but I can’t say that I blame anyone for wanting their apps to be available across all platforms.

The good news is that there are signs of more apps coming to the Windows Apps Store soon… Continue reading

Is the Surface Pro 2 dead?

Is the Surface Pro 2 DeadThe Surface Pro 2 is no longer available for sale from the online Microsoft store. This indicates that the remaining stock has likely run out.

As you know, Microsoft began selling the next generation of Surface tablets, the Surface Pro 3, earlier this summer and discounted the price of Surface Pro 2 in July. Continue reading