Disk Management Utility On Surface Tablets – Tip of the Week

tip-of-the-weekDisk Management Utility for Windows 8.1 – The Basics:

In last week’s post on USB external drive connection problems, I offered some tips on how to troubleshoot a USB drive that is not being recognized by your Surface tablet.

Today, I wanted to cover additional troubleshooting tips for connecting those pesky external drives and how to format an external drive via the Disk Management utility in Windows 8.1 that may help you further.

Note: These steps work on any Windows 8.1 computer and are not limited to Surface tablets. The troubleshooting tips apply to any USB attached drive (USB stick, external hard drive, and even the CD\DVD drive). Continue reading

Make your own accessories for Surface Tablets

Make these accessories for Surface TabletsDo you have access to a 3D printer? Have you been thinking about making accessories for Surface tablets you could use but don’t know how to design the objects?

Well, here’s some good news, there have been some folks designing and sharing accessories for Surface tablets over at Thingiverse and you can download those accessories for free!

So, warm up the print heads, check your print material, and take a look at these 3D-printable objects… Continue reading

Surface Hub Review – The New Surface Pen App

Surface Hub Review

Last weekend, Microsoft released a Surface Hub app intended to enhance the functionality of the stylus on the Surface Pro 3.

After updating the pen firmware last week, Microsoft’s Surface Hub allows users some limited customization to how their Surface Pro 3 Pen behaves. You can change the following two settings with the app:

  • Pressure Sensitivity
  • Top Button Action

Unfortunately, in both cases, I feel the functionality is so basic it borders on useless. Continue reading

USB External Drive Not Recognized On Surface? Troubleshooting Tips

USB External Drive Not RecognizedHere’s the scenario:

You’ve decided to get an external USB drive to store and back up your data. You did your research, read the reviews and finally chose one. You get it home, plug it into your Surface and…… NOTHING happens!

What the heck?

Well, believe it or not, this is a pretty common occurrence. It actually happened to me at my day job this week. As a result, I decided to write up a quick troubleshooting guide to help you, in the event that you run into the same problem. Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 not charging? Try these fixes

Surface Pro 3 not charging

Is your Surface Pro 3 not charging like it should? And you don’t have any idea how to go about fixing it? This post should help.

I created the troubleshooting guide below to step you through the process of identifying and correcting charging issues on your Surface Pro 3 tablet.

Oh, and if you don’t have a Surface Pro 3, don’t worry we have you covered too – with just a bit of modification, many of these steps will help you regardless of the Surface model you have. Continue reading

Surface Pen Improvements Coming Soon

Surface Pen App Coming From Microsoft Soon!

Surface PenThe Surface Pen that came with my Surface Pro 3 is awesome!

With it I can…

  • Wake my Surface Pro 3
  • Open OneNote
  • Take notes in meetings
  • Draw (ok, I’m not that good at drawing)

You get the idea. The technology behind the Surface Pen is amazing, see post Surface Pro 2 Pen vs. Surface Pro 3 Pen. Continue reading