Quick Things to Try If Your Surface Pro 3 Pen Doesn’t Work

Surface Pro 3 PenTip of the Week: What to do if your Surface Pro Pen doesn’t work right

The new Surface Pro 3’s pen is one of its best features. It feels just like a regular pen and closely emulates the pen and paper experience on the new Surface, see Differences between Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 pen

In addition to writing on the tablet, the pen allows you turn the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on and off from sleep state, open OneNote, take a screenshot, erase, and even right-click. It’s really pretty cool.

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Another Possible Workaround for Surface Pro 3 WiFi Issues

Another fix for Surface Pro 3 WiFi IssuesLet’s try this again……

A few days ago, we posted our experience with the latest round of patches from Microsoft and how they affected the Surface Pro 3 WiFi issues that Microsoft recently acknowledged.

While our initial experience with the latest patch was positive, Joanna is sending her Surface Pro 3 back to Microsoft for a replacement since (it seems) we got a dud. It has not only had the WiFi issues but also boot, speed, Bluetooth, blue screen and touch screen issues as well.

However, in between the initial improvement from the MS patches and the realization that our SP3 is defective, we we did some additional research and troubleshooting and came up with something that might help folks who are still having Surface Pro 3 WiFi problems but don’t have a tablet with malfunctioning hardware (like ours). Continue reading

I Love You But You’re Going Back – Replace My Surface Pro 3

Why I Decided to Replace My Surface Pro 3:

Return the Surface Pro 3

Our Surface collection

I’ve had my Surface Pro 3 for nearly a month and I love the technology behind it. I have to say that Microsoft came up with something very innovative with the newest Surface line, but unfortunately after trying it for several weeks, I’ve decided to return and replace my Surface Pro 3 with a new one.

Why? – you may ask

Well, it’s no secret that I love my Surface tablets, yes I have all four (Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3), but I have come to the conclusion that my new Surface Pro 3 is simply… defective – and if it’s not, then Microsoft has a serious problem on their hands. Continue reading

A fix for the Surface Pro 3 WiFi Issues?

A fix for the Surface Pro 3 WiFi IssuesIf you are an early adopter of the Surface Pro 3. You may have experienced some WiFi issues. If so, you’re not alone. Folks started reporting issues related to wireless networking issues as quickly as a week after the Surface Pro 3 was released.

And, you may have saw Joanna’s opinion on the subject a few days ago.

In part to address these issues, Microsoft released the July 2014 updates. Included was an update to help improve some of the WiFi issues being reported. At that time, Microsoft indicated there would be an additional update issued today (July 16th) to further address the WiFi problems.

On the 14th, a Microsoft spokesperson posted on the Surface Support Forums indicating that the second July update for Surface Pro 3 WiFi would, in fact, be released on the 16th and that it should address most (but, I guess, not all) remaining problems.

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Surface Pro 3 Battery Life Benchmark Test

Surface Pro 3 Battery Life Benchmark TestSo, it’s time to test the Surface Pro 3 battery life for your amusement and information.

Like the Surface Pro 2 battery life benchmark I did back in October 2013, I compared the Surface Pro 3 against the previous generation (Surface Pro 2) in both everyday use and constant use scenarios.

Unlike the original test, however, I also ran the tests with the Power Cover for the Surface Pro 2 so you can see how the Surface Pro 3 battery stacks up against that setup as well.

In addition, I ran the first test (Everyday Use) in both the default Balanced and Power Saver modes to see how much extra life the power saver mode grants. Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi Problems

Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi problemsRead This If You’re Having Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi Problems:

  • Has your Wi-Fi been really slow?
  • Does your Wi-Fi connection drop when you wake up the tablet?
  • Are your Power Settings being ignored and your Surface goes to sleep and/or drops network, when it’s not supposed to?
  • Do you keep getting the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)?

Well, you’re not crazy, that’s happening to my brand new Surface Pro 3 too!

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