Before you buy a used Surface Tablet

Before you buy a used Surface TabletIf you’re thinking about buying a used Surface tablet, you might want to make sure you know what to look for because, clearly, you don’t want to buy a used Surface that’s been abused or has hidden damage.

It should be obvious but if someone refuses to let you run some tests before you buy then YOU DON’T WANT IT!! They probably know something is messed up and they’re just trying to cover it up.

These tests are all pretty simple and will run on both Surface RT/2 machines and Windows Pro (SP,SP2,SP3) models.

Obviously, you won’t be able to run these tests if you’re buying a used Surface from somewhere like eBay or Surface Exchange but they might give you ideas on what questions to ask of the seller before you buy. Continue reading

Microsoft Recycle for Rewards Program – this one is worth $$!

Microsoft Recycle for RewardsTip of the Week: get cash for your stuff!

Yesterday, one of my colleagues walked into my office sporting his new Surface Pro 3 and said:

See? I upgraded! And the best part is that I got over $400 trade-in for my old Surface Pro!”

I almost fell off my chair! What?! That’s awesome!

Of course, he didn’t really know many details, he said that he simply waltzed into a Microsoft retail store and they offered him that kind of money for his old device….Whoa!!!

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Microsoft Nukes 1,500 Apps from Windows 8 Apps Store

Microsoft Nukes 1,500 Apps from Windows 8 Apps StoreThe news is sweeping the internet! Microsoft decided to nuke 1,500 apps from Windows 8 apps store.

In case you’ve not heard, yesterday Microsoft announced that they will be removing “misleading apps” from Windows store. They stated that they “need to recalibrate”, siting “people trying to game the system with misleading titles or descriptions”, i.e. scammers. Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Heating Problem

Surface Pro 3 Heating ProblemIf you’ve been waiting on the i7 version before you bought a Surface Pro 3, you might want to wait a bit longer.

Turns out that there have been a considerable number of reports complaining about severe heat problems. By far, the i7 models of the Surface Pro 3 have garnered the most complaints.

In a growing thread on in the Microsoft Surface forums there are tales of problems with the latest version of the Surface Pro tablet released earlier this month. Continue reading

Troubleshoot Surface Type Cover Touchpad Issues

Troubleshoot Surface Type Cover Touchpad IssuesWe did a post on Keyboard Problems with Surface Tablets a while back but we were focused on the type and touch keyboards as a whole. However, lately, some folks have been reporting problems in various tech forums stating that their keyboard is working fine but the track pad is not.

If you’re having Surface type cover touchpad issues and already tried the steps outlined in the keyboard problems post but the problems persist, this post will help you out. If you haven’t tried the above steps yet, follow the link and try those first.

OK, let’s get to the meat of this post. I’m going to lay out, in order, the steps you should take to identify and correct your Surface touchpad issues. Continue reading

The Surface Pro 3 – Tablet for All Generations

Tablet for all generations? Would the Surface Pro 3 work for my parents?

Surface Pro 3 Tablet for all generationsThe secret is out, the Surface tablets are not just for the young any more. Oh sure, Microsoft is still targeting college students by offering huge pre-semester sales and offering discounts to educators and education administrators but the Surface Pro 3 is really a tablet for all generations, including the elderly.

Our retired parents have finally gotten into the digital age and apps like Facebook have become favorites for both keeping up with the rest of the family, i.e. kids and grandkids, but also for those “oh so fun” Facebook games – I can’t tell you how many Candy Crush and Farmville invites I get from them every day! I finally had to block the notifications.

They also discovered Amazon shopping, books online, and penny stock investing. Oh and don’t forget the daily news and showing off the grandkids’ pictures to all their friends!

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