It Took the FedEx Driver to Fix the Problem

FedExMy replacement Surface Pro 3 is finally here, but good grief, if it didn’t turn out to be an ordeal!

And when it came right down to it, the FedEx driver was the one to fix the screw-up.

Let me back up and tell you the full story….

As you may recall, I was having quite a few problems with my Surface Pro 3, see I Love You But You’re Going Back post. So, I sent it in to Microsoft for a replacement. I was told 7-10 days turnaround; I wasn’t thrilled but couldn’t really do anything about it so I said fine.

A few days after I sent the Surface Pro 3 in for replacement, I checked online to see if Microsoft had received it and indeed they did. However, at that time I also noticed that they had the wrong address (house number and zip code) on the “ship to” field for where to ship my new one. Continue reading

Turn your Surface into a Network Troubleshooting Tool

Turn your Surface into a Network Troubleshooting Tool - Tester

-Geek Alert: this is totally a geek post-

Today, I’ll be talking about how to turn your Surface Pro into an approximate facsimile of a Fluke LAN Troubleshooting Kit and I’ll do it for a fraction of the price.

Before I start, let me make it clear that I’m not covering cracking WiFi passwords or wardriving or anything like that.

I’m just going to present you with an overview of (mostly free) tools and accessories that you can load onto a Surface Pro/Pro 2/Pro 3 tablet to replicate much of the functionality of the $6,161.00 USD Fluke tester kit I linked above (and maybe even a few things the Fluke can’t do).

For those of you in IT looking for a business case to get your boss to buy you a Surface Pro, you’ll want to pay attention. ;-)

OK, let’s get started… Continue reading

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Problems

calibrate touchscreenAre you having Surface touch screen problems?

It can be really frustrating if you are. The Surface is primarily a touch-screen device and if the touch functionality is acting up, it pretty much makes the Surface useless.

Fortunately, troubleshooting and fixing touch screen issues is possible to do on your own and I’ll cover how to do so in this post.

I’ll start with the most common/easiest things to try and I will keep escalating to more difficult, as I go a long. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved in the first or second step but, if not, don’t worry as I have a lot of different things you can try. Continue reading

Types of Accounts for a Surface Tablet

Surface Tablet AccountsSo, you got your new Surface Pro and you’re eager to use it. You go to set it up and you’re asked questions about using a local account vs. a Microsoft account; or maybe someone tells you that you should set up a local admin account or a child account.

And you’re thinking: “Microsoft, local, admin, child account – say what?

Yep, it’s confusing. And since the Surface tablet, especially the Pro line, is essentially a fully functioning Windows 8 machine, you want to make sure that you set it up right because you don’t want to compromise its security and expose yourself to problems in the future. Continue reading

Quick Things to Try If Your Surface Pro 3 Pen Doesn’t Work

Surface Pro 3 PenTip of the Week: What to do if your Surface Pro Pen doesn’t work right

The new Surface Pro 3’s pen is one of its best features. It feels just like a regular pen and closely emulates the pen and paper experience on the new Surface, see Differences between Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 pen

In addition to writing on the tablet, the pen allows you turn the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on and off from sleep state, open OneNote, take a screenshot, erase, and even right-click. It’s really pretty cool.

But what do you do if your Surface Pro 3 pen stops working correctly? Continue reading

Another Possible Workaround for Surface Pro 3 WiFi Issues

Another fix for Surface Pro 3 WiFi IssuesLet’s try this again……

A few days ago, we posted our experience with the latest round of patches from Microsoft and how they affected the Surface Pro 3 WiFi issues that Microsoft recently acknowledged.

While our initial experience with the latest patch was positive, Joanna is sending her Surface Pro 3 back to Microsoft for a replacement since (it seems) we got a dud. It has not only had the WiFi issues but also boot, speed, Bluetooth, blue screen and touch screen issues as well.

However, in between the initial improvement from the MS patches and the realization that our SP3 is defective, we we did some additional research and troubleshooting and came up with something that might help folks who are still having Surface Pro 3 WiFi problems but don’t have a tablet with malfunctioning hardware (like ours). Continue reading