Set Up Your New Surface: Notifications – Quick Tip #5

notifications2How To Set Up Notifications On Your Surface:

OK, so you got your new Surface and you love it but now you get all these notifications from applications you installed, and they all make a sound, and you hate it because they do it at 3AM when you’re trying to sleep. Sound familiar?

This post is to help you figure out where to turn those notifications on\off and customize how you receive them.

In a gist, the Search and apps settings are your friend when dealing with notifications. Continue reading

And The Winners Are………

love my surface holiday giveaway-header

Here are the two lucky winners of our Surface Pro 3 Leather Case Giveaway:

Marion Douglas and Holly Uhler!

Congratulations to both of you!! You will be receiving an email from us shortly requesting shipping info and we’ll have your new SP3 carrying case on the way to you soon!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!

Joanna and Tim -

Surface Pro 3 WiFi Problems: It Might Just Be Your Router

Surface Pro 3 WiFi Problems They Might Just Be Your Router

So, we’ve had more than one article talking about Surface Pro 3 WiFi issues but up until now, our tips have focused on the Surface Pro 3 side of things. However, it is also possible that the problem is in the WiFi router, not your Surface, and can be fixed by adjusting your wireless router setup.

I also want to note, that while a lot of people have been frustrated with the Surface Pro 3 WiFi problems, Surface tables are not alone in having these issues. For example, Apple has been delivering new versions of Yosemite (10.10) in rapid succession in order to address (among other things) WiFi issues with the new OS. Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Hits the Skies – Airlines Equip Their Pilots

Airlines equip their pilots with Surface Pro 3:

We just came back from Puerto Rico. We were there to sign our lease and get some things organized – in case you haven’t heard, yes, we are moving there!

Our flight had a “stopover” (stay on the same plane) in Nashville, which by the way, I hadn’t realized that a direct flight can include stopovers, as long as they are not “layovers” (change planes).

So, anyway, we had a 1 hour stopover and I peered into the open cockpit trying to get a quick picture – hopefully without getting into trouble. Lo and behold, the captain invited me to come in and gave me a tour – it was awesome – thank you Southwest Airlines!

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5 Surface Mini and Surface Pro 4 Rumors

Surface Pro 4 Rumors

OK, let me start with this…

I don’t like doing rumor posts because I feel bad when I tell you something and it turns out not to be true. However, there are so many rumors out there and so many people are asking me about the next Surface model that I almost feel that I have to do a Surface Pro 4 rumor post.

So, I’ll make you a deal. You understand that these are just rumors and that they might not come true and I’ll go ahead and tell you the rumors and not feel guilty if they don’t come true.

If that’s an acceptable deal for you, read on… Continue reading