The Madbury Club Team up with the Surface Pro

Interesting story to tell you guys!

The Madbury Club has teamed up with Microsoft Surface for an interesting project.

These group of guys based in Brooklyn, New York City founded in 2010. They produce out of the ordinary items that can seem useful to some.

Furthermore, they are a self-proclaimed “functionally dysfunctional studio experiment” made up of designer, artist, photographer, videographer, and carpenter.

They sell clothing, accessories, and even a xerox printing machine!

In this project, Microsoft join forces to create something different…

The Madbury Club used many of the Microsoft Surface Pros and its accessories to create a mobile projecting theater.

This video shows the process of their creation! Enjoy!

It is definitely interesting how they use a tiny Suzuki to drive around to create a portable theater!

Tell me guys would you consider owning one of these beauties? This is party on wheels!

Click here to follow them on twitter and click here for their website!

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