New Wacom Feel Driver for Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

New Wacom Feel Driver for Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

Although this is a post for the older Surface Pros, I realize that many folks out there still use them. So, if you have an original Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2, you might be interested to know that Wacom has released version 7.3.x of the Feel driver. The Feel driver is for the Wacom stylus and touchscreen which the older Surface Pro models feature.

If you have a Surface Pro 3 or later (Surface 3, SP4, Surface Book) you DO NOT NEED THESE DRIVERS. Starting with the SP3, Microsoft switched to N-Trig screens, so Wacom drivers are not compatible with the new devices. These drivers are just for the folks with older Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2’s.

Also, you won’t be able to install these drivers on a Surface RT or Surface 2 because they’re not available as a Windows Update (Sorry, Microsoft’s decision, not mine).

New Wacom Feel Driver for Surface: What Changed?

The new drivers include the following fixes and improvements.

  • It’s now a native Windows 10 driver (but is also compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1).
  • Improved pen images for custom control panels for OEM drivers in addition to the generic pen image.
  • Removal of selective suspend enablement on I2C devices (it caused an issue).
  • Improvement of the Radial Menu customizations.

So, if you have an SP or SP2 and you want to upgrade your drivers, go ahead and download the drivers from this link: Wacom Feel Drivers

If you need help installing the driver, check out this article from when they went to version 7.2.x in May of 2014: Surface Stylus Driver Update, the article was written for Windows 8.0 but, the basic steps are still valid.


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