Top Six Things People Hate About Microsoft Surface Tablets

Things People Hate About Microsoft Surface Tablets
What do people hate most about their Microsoft Surface?

Since we run this blog, we get to hear a fair amount from folks that complain about their Surface tablet.

We hear anything from “Windows 8 sucks” to “I have to return my Surface because I can’t get Google calendar to work on it” – I’m not kidding.

But as they say, everyone is entitled to their opinion. So, here is a list of the top six bitc… err …. complaints we hear about Surface tablets:

#1. Things People Hate about Microsoft Surface Tablets:  It’s not an iPad, Chromebook, Toughbook, or ……..

Fill in your favorite device that you’ve had for 3+ years and you don’t really want to part with but you will because it’s time to upgrade and  the Surface 2 has the ports you need, and Office suite you want. But you’ll do so griping and then compare it to your last device. Hey, I know this drill. When I switched from my favorite Blackberry to a Droid, I complained about loss of functionality; when I switched from the Droid to iPhone I complained again; then when I switched from iPhone to my Windows 8 Phone, I was unhappy again. But of course, each time, once I gave the new device a real try, and stopped looking toward past functionality and instead started looking to new features, I started liking my new device.

#2. Things People Hate about Microsoft Surface Tablets:  RT is not Pro

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard is that the Surface RT doesn’t have the same functionality as the Pro. Shockingly, the Surface 2 (and its low price) only allows you to download apps from the Windows Store. And it isn’t as fast and versatile as a laptop.  Shouldn’t all tablets for the price of $449 have the functionality of a $899 device? I mean, who wouldn’t want something for nothing. I know I do!

#3. Things People Hate about Microsoft Surface Tablets: There’s no place to keep the stylus

This is a real problem. So many folks complain about losing their stylus and having to spend another $30 on a new one. Of course there is no way to easily fix it…except… how about our $8 fix: How not to loose your stylus pen?  Check it out, this really is not as big a problem as most think.

#4. Things People Hate about Microsoft Surface Tablets: No option to swap out the battery

OK, OK. I’ll admit this would be a handy feature to have. However, let’s look at Surface main competitors: Apple and Google. iPad isn’t particularly friendly to battery swaps either. Nexus is supposed to be easier but still not great. Dell, on the other hand, supposedly now has an 11” Windows 8.1 tablet that has a swap-able battery. Although, from what I read, it seems that it too is a pain to do. So, tablets in general are not friendly to battery swapping. Some are easier than others but Microsoft (if their manufacturer gremlins ever get it together) does promise us a new Power Cover – an external battery and keyboard in one. This will essentially be the battery swap we’re all waiting for.

#5. Things People Hate about Microsoft Surface Tablets: Lack of Software

OK, on this subject I want to say this: did Apple and Google start out with millions of software titles? It is true that there are some missing software applications in the Windows Store. Most folks that complain though are ones from the #1 category that are coming from a different platform and have gotten used to their favorite apps. When I switched from iPad to a Zoom, I felt that pain then too. It is not Microsoft that writes the apps. So, if you can’t use Pandora on a Windows RT tablet, you should probably take it up with the writers of Pandora. By the way, did you hear that Firefox is testing a browser for the Windows store? Just sayin’..  Also, see Are There Enough Windows Apps Available.

#6.Things People Hate about Microsoft Surface Tablets: Price of Surface Pro

Everyone hates the price of Surface Pro. Sure, it’s natural to not want to pay for the latest and the greatest. But, I find it really hypocritical when the same people that complain about it, line up outside of Best Buy for the latest Apple product. Let’s be fair, if you want a Mercedes, you won’t find it for the price of a Ford. I think we have gotten spoiled on the technologies getting cheaper and cheaper but nothing new and innovative is cheap when it first comes out. If price is a problem, don’t get a tablet and laptop in one (Surface Pro 2) – go get a laptop OR a tablet instead.

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