Surface Updates for December 2013 – Tip of the Week

List of December 2013 Surface updates and how to check for them.

Although Microsoft updates are generally installed automatically to your Surface through Windows Update service, occasionally you may need to install them manually.

Below are instructions on how to manually check for updates and which updates were released in December 2013 for all Surface  tablet versions.

To check for updates:

1. Press Windows key + I to bring up the Settings menu. Or swipe from the right  and tap Settings.

2. Tap Change PC settings, tap Update and recovery, and then tap Windows Update.

3.  Tap Check now or

4.  Tap View details.

5.  In my case, the updates were auto-installed but my machine was waiting to finish them for a restart. You can also, tap to select the ones you want to install, and then tap Install. You should always restart your Surface after the updates have finished installation.

Here is information on Surface Updates (hardware) for December 2013:

These have all been reported by Microsoft on their website. If you’d like to check out  your Surface’s update history, please go directly to Microsoft site at Surface Update History.

December Updates for Surface RT:

  • Surface Home Button Driver (v1.0.248.0) update helps to optimize available system memory.
  • Update to the Surface Type Cover Audio Device driver (v1.0.245.0) to enhance trackpad sounds for Surface Type Cover 2.

December Updates for Surface Pro:

  • WiFi driver (v14.69.24047.156) update for improved Wireless Display experience.

December Updates for Surface 2:

  • UEFI Firmware (v4,4,500)
  • System Aggregator Firmware (v1.0.37500.0)
  • Resolved screen dimming during CPU intensive operations.
  • Batteries now charge quicker.
  • NVIDIA Tegra 4 (v9.17.13.2767)
  • Support for additional external displays
  • Improved Skype video quality
  • Surface Type Cover 2 Firmware Update Device (v2.0.331.0)
  • Surface Touch Cover 2 Firmware Update Device (v2.0.333.0)
  • Optimized two finger trackpad use

December Updates for Surface Pro 2:

  • Intel HD Graphics (v10.18.10.3345)
  • Improved system stability, including minimizing full screen games.
  • Color fidelity improvements for all applications. Enhanced audio experience when connected to a Display Port 1.2 device.
  • Marvell AVASTAR WiFi and Bluetooth Driver (v14.69.24049.160)
  • Wi-Fi driver update for an improved Wireless Display experience and connectivity with Wireless Access Points.
  • Surface Type Cover 2 Firmware Update Device (v2.0.266.0)
  • Surface Touch Cover 2 Firmware Update Device (v1.0.280.0)
  • Optimized two finger track pad use.
  • Surface Pro UEFI (v 2.04.0250)
  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware (2.03.0650)
  • Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware (23.07.50)
  • Improved Surface Cover Interaction including power-saving sleep functionality.

Note: Microsoft continually tries to improve the user experience. Two types of updates install to the Surface tablets: “Surface hardware updates (also known as firmware), and Windows software updates.” They are released regularly and address many commonly reported problems. It stands to reason then, that the newer the device, the more updates/fixes it will need. Hence, you see the Surface 2s line has considerably more updates in December than the original line.

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