Set Up Your New Surface: Notifications – Quick Tip #5

How To Set Up Notifications On Your Surface:

OK, so you got your new Surface and you love it but now you get all these notifications from applications you installed, and they all make a sound, and you hate it because they do it at 3AM when you’re trying to sleep. Sound familiar?

This post is to help you figure out where to turn those notifications on\off and customize how you receive them.

In a gist, the Search and apps settings are your friend when dealing with notifications.

Here is how to get to them:

  • Go to PC Settings (swipe from right and choose Settings then Change PC Settings)
  • Chose Search and apps
  • Chose Notifications

The settings are pretty self-explanatory from here but let me do some highlights for you..

Show app notifications – turns the notifications on or off. This is a global setting so if you turn it off, all apps notifications will be turned off.

Show app notifications on the lock screen – allows you to see the notifications when you Surface is in locked mode.

Play notification sounds – obviously this setting plays a sound with the notification.

Turn on my screen when I get a call – you may want to be careful with this one because if you have a lot of notifications, this may drain your battery.

Quiet hours – here is where you set when you don’t want the notifications to appear. I usually set these to be between midnight and 6AM but you may chose whatever hours you prefer, it could be your regular sleep time or even work hours when you don’t want to be disrupted.

Receive calls during quiet hours – this is for Skype calls or if you have your phone routed through your PC.

Show notifications from these apps – shows a list of your apps and you can turn on\off any apps you like here. I usually only select my critical apps to notify me, like email and calendar. Note that most of the installed apps will be turned on to notify by default.

That is all there is to the notification settings – pretty straight forward and painless.

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