Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Out of Stock?

Warning: This is a rant post.

Yep, the tech news boards have been buzzing with the ‘shocking” revelation that the new lines of Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2s are out of stock in many stores. They have been out of stock from the Microsoft online store on and off for the last few days. In addition, they have been out of stock at most Best Buy stores and Walmarts.

Out of curiosity, I made a quick check online and my local Best Buy stores (there are several) are, also, all out of stock.

Of course, everyone jumps onboard trying to figure why this is going on and the pundits are in full swing…

  • Is the Surface dethroning the iPad as king of the tablets? Probably not.
  • Did Microsoft intentionally short the production of the Surface 2’s to drive up demand? Of course not.

Here’s main reason: It’s the holidays, people! Of course, there’s high demand right now!

In addition, Microsoft slashed prices of the 1st generation Surfaces, created a new and better line of Surface 2 tablets, and learned from last year by producing fewer units.

Oh and let’s not forget their improved advertising. Let’s face it, the commercials today are much more effective than the dancing 22 year old models throwing paper about the room in business attire from a year ago.

So, now when people want one at the last minute, they can’t get one. There are some angry customers on the forums alleging Microsoft is doing a “bait and switch” by advertising sales and not having the Surface they want in stock, then recommending a different one that’s available. Seriously?

All I gotta say is this: if they wanted a Surface 2 so badly, why did they wait until 6 days before Christmas to get one?

Oh wait, I know…

They were playing the “let’s see if they have a bigger sale” game and it didn’t pan out for them. Well, I don’t know about you but I can’t really feel sorry for them.

Ok, to be fair, I understand that there are some folks who weren’t trying to game the system. If you’re in that boat and are still looking for a way to get a Surface for Christmas, cheer up!! All is not lost.

According to the Huffington Post, if you want a Surface 2, you should keep checking Best Buy because they get new shipments all the time.

Keep in mind, the website may say they’re out of stock but there may actually be a few newly, arrived Surfaces in the store. This is good advice for other retailers as well.

Personally, I think I’d call around first.

As for me, I’m glad we got our Surface Pro 2 when we did – right when it first came out. No problem with the shortage now.

Happy Shopping.


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