Surface Pro 3 Problems Finally Fixed?

Did Microsoft finally fix the reported (and annoying) Surface Pro 3 problems?

Surface Pro 3 owners!

Most of you know that at one point I was so frustrated with the WiFi and Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) problems on my Surface Pro 3 that I sent it back to Microsoft for replacement, see post I Love You But You’re Going Back – Replace My Surface 3.

I think adopting any brand new product brings with it a set of frustrations. Whether it is a newly released car or a brand new computer, you can expect that there will be hiccups along the way until the product is completely refined and matured. It believe that’s where the Surface Pro 3 had been for the last couple of months and Microsoft was hard at work listening to its customers and fixing, tweaking, and refining their devices.

So, as an early adopter of the Surface Pro 3, I had been willing to give Microsoft some leeway to iron out all the wrinkles and get it right.

And, my replacement device was, indeed, much better – yet not totally perfect. I still saw some WiFi problems, especially at my place of work (which uses 2.4Ghz Meru WiFi Access Points)

This month, Microsoft finally released the long promised firmware update that is to address the Surface Pro 3 problems: WiFi connectivity, performance and stability, Surface cover connectivity, overheating issues, and WiFi/Bluetooth stability.

For a full list of the issues addressed by this Microsoft update, see Tim’s post September Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update.

Personally, I installed the firmware update and all nonessential updates as soon as they were available and, so far, things are going really well. I have not seen any WiFi connectivity drops since the update. My second Surface Pro 3 has not suffered from thermal or instability problems, so I can not comment on that.

Are the Surface Pro 3 problems finally fixed? I guess only time will tell for sure but I am hopeful the Surface Pro 3 problems will finally be fixed.

However, we would like to hear from all of you about your experience with the update(s).

  • How did the update work for you?
  • Or did you have trouble installing it?
  • Was is successful?
  • Did you see improvements?
  • Are you still having the same old problems?
  • Are you seeing any new problems?
  • What’s your overall experience with SP3?
  • Please leave comments below.

Please share with us and your fellow readers. We will be sure to report what we learn from you back to our friends at Microsoft.


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