200 GB Free SkyDrive Space with Surface 2 Purchase

Tip of The Week: Get 200GB Free SkyDrive Space

Yep. We verified this to be true. When you buy a new Surface 2 or Pro 2, you receive 200GB free SkyDrive space for two years. In case you’re curious, that’s about $200 worth of SkyDrive at $100 per year.

That helps take the sting out of buying a new tablet, doesn’t it?

Here is how it works:

In your new and shiny Surface 2/Pro 2 box, there will be a card/coupon with a redemption code.

1. Go to your existing SkyDrive account and log in. If you’ve never used SkyDrive, you will need to create a new account – you can do this as part of the redemption process.

2. Go to the Redemption Website and click the Redeem Now button.

3. Type in the code provided on the card/coupon. That’s it. The SkyDrive 200 Gb gets applied to your account, see pictures below.


And After:

It’s that simple.

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