Surface Pro 3 Accessories – New and Innovative

Surface Pro 3 Accessories

Since the Surface Pro 3 has really taken off, more companies are making accessories for it. As a result, this makes life better for both me and you because there are more Surface Pro 3 accessories to chose from.

Unfortunately, especially for road-warriors and other Surface owners that travel, it sometimes means you end up buying and carrying around more than you need because you need a VGA adapter and a DVI adapter and a HDMI adapter, and so on and so forth.

Fortunately, some of the companies producing Surface Pro 3 accessories are making innovative or multi-use items which do more than one thing; it not only saves you items to carry but, often, money as well.

Surface Pro 3 Accessories – The List

Here’s our list of space-saving, multi-function or innovative accessories for your Surface Pro 3 for traveling….

Surface Pro 3 Accessories - Multi- VGA DVI HDMI
HDMI/DVI/VGA All in One Adapter: One of our readers pointed us at this item and we are very glad he did.

This 3-in-1 video adapter allows your SP3 to connect to any HDMI. DVI, or VGA screen or projector.

In the past, I carried around 3 different adapters to allow me to do that. On top of the space savings, it’s significantly cheaper than the three individual adapters.

Surface Pro 3 Accessories - Multi- Displayport DVI HDMI

HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort All In One Adapter: This is very similar to the adapter above but, supports a full-size DisplayPort connection as opposed to a VGA connection.

Aside from that, it’s pretty much identical. So, you don’t need to buy both adapters, just pick the one you’re most likely going to use when traveling.

Surface Pro 3 Accessories - Multi- USB and RJ45
USB 3.0 Hub with Ethernet: Since the SP3 only comes with one USB port, you may sometimes find yourself short on ports. This is especially true if you already had to sacrifice your USB port to make an Ethernet connection because WiFi in your hotel room is flaky or non-existent.

This device solves both your problems by combining a 3-port USB 3.0 hub with a Ethernet adapter.

My only complaint is that I wish that this device had an external power supply to help solve problem with the SP3’s built-in USB port being a little under-powered.

Surface Pro 3 Accessories - Multi- USB Hub
Rotating 4 Port USB Hub: In the past, we’ve recommended the Juiced Systems Micro USB Hub and Card Readers as a quick way to expand the number of USB ports on a Surface.

While we still like the Juiced Systems offering, it has always had a tendency to block other ports on a Surface. On the SP3, it blocks the charging port. However, this hub can be rotated out of the way to make room to access the other ports.

The only problem is that it has USB 2.0 ports out but, for things like keyboards, mice, and USB sticks, that’s generally just fine. Besides, what do you expect for under $10 USD?

Surface Pro 3 Accessories - Multi- Power
Rotating Outlet Travel Power Strip: I got one of these as a gift and really like it. Being able to rotate the outlets so that Joanna’s Surface power brick can be plugged in without blocking the other outlet is really nice.

The addition of of the dual USB charging ports and surge-protection means that this little device goes every-time we pack our bags.


Surface Pro 3 Accessories - Multi- Case

Urban Armor Gear for Surface Pro 3: This one made the list when a friend of mine with this cover dropped his SP3 down some cement stairs at work. Apparently, it bounced end over end all the way down and the Typecover flew off at some point but his Surface still works.

If it can survive that, I figure it can survive the random TSA agent at the airport who can’t decide whether the SP3 is a tablet or a laptop.

So, that finishes up our latest list of recommended Surface Pro 3 accessories. If you have any experience with these items or if we missed a cool accessories that you like, please let us know about in the comments.


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