Surface News Roundup 6/13/15 – Surface Hub and The Fastest Tablet


Last week I skipped the news roundup yet again due to the fact that there simply wasn’t anything interesting related to the Surface that I didn’t already cover or it was just more rumor about the Surface Pro 4 release.

This week, however, a couple of news stories popped up that might be of interest to Surface owners or enthusiasts; so, here we go…

  • Microsoft Surface Hub is Going On Sale
  • Microsoft Beats Apple iPad Air 2 for Performance

Let’s get into the details a bit now, shall we?

Surface News Roundup -Surface Hub

Surface News Roundup: Microsoft Surface Hub is Going On Sale

We haven’t been covering the Surface Hub a lot but, this story has gotten a lot of traction from just about every news outlet this week….

Microsoft has announced the availability and pricing for their new big-screen Surface Hub designed to be a smart-board, conference center, and presentation screen all in one device.

It will come in two sizes, the smaller 55″ version for $7,000 USD and the larger 84″ version for $19,000 USD.

Both models will be built in the USA (Oregon, specifically) and will be available for purchase in July with shipping expected to begin in September.

Sources: eWeek, CNNMoney, KOIN6

Surface News Roundup: Microsoft Beats Apple iPad Air 2 for Performance

In what some might file under the “no duh, Captain Obvious” category, when UK consumer watchdog Which? tested many popular tablets they discovered that when it comes to performance, the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is king.

With a score of 5069 in their test, it outscored the closest competitor which was the iPad Air 2 at 4046 points.

Sources: BetaNews, ITProPortalWhich?

Another quiet week for Surface news (if you cut out all of the rumor posts) but, I’m hopeful that this lack of news is indicative of the Surface Pro 4 release being sooner rather than later.


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