Best microSD card for Surface Pro 4


(Added more HIGH PERFORMANCE cards and results using CrystalDiskMarks. – Aug 9, 2016)

(Published a new article with newer microsd cards – please read this article! – Sep 1, 2017)

It is more than likely that at some point down the road, you will run out of storage space. Whether that’s because you installed too many apps or you have too much files stored, most people will hit into this barrier eventually.

The Surface Pro 4 has multiple ways to expand its storage capacity. One way is to get a USB based external hard drive but that adds bulk which in some ways, defeats the purpose of getting such a light and portable device in the first place.

The solution here is to get a microSD card. But which one? There are so many out there. Which one works the best on your device?

I’ve been ordering 128GB microSD cards from various manufacturers so that I can do some performance comparison tests. Although the title says the article is to determine the best microSD card for Surface Pro 4, I’m sure this applies to older devices and the new Surface Book as well. But for the purpose of this review, I will be using my Surface Pro 4.

Following cards have been tested (so far):

Last update on 2020-06-04 at 15:26 / Affiliate links / Images / Prices / from Amazon Product Advertising API

Each card will be freshly formatted before the beginning of each test. This will give every card a fair chance to perform at equal conditions. Although I am starting with 3 cards, I will be receiving more. As I receive them,  I will update this article and re-post.

I will be using more benchmarking tools in the future as well.

UPDATED (July 8, 2016): Two cards have been added. Both are expected to perform better than the existing cards tested so far and they are priced accordingly.

UPDATED (August 9, 2016): Two more cards have been added. Both of these cards are considered to be two of the top performing sdcards currently offered at the market. In case of SanDisk Extreme, it is a UHS class 3 card. It will be interesting to see if it performs better than the rest of the UHS class 1 cards. Also, a new set of results have been collected using CrystalDiskMarks.

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