Trade in your old Surface tablet

Trade in your old Surface tablet

If you have an older model Surface and you’ve been wondering if you can trade it in for a new Surface Pro 4 then I have some news for you.

Microsoft recently setup a trade-in program for older Surfaces in the US (including PR) and you can get up to $700 trade in credit! You’ll have to hurry, though, because the offer expires on November 7th.

In order to get the credit, you have to visit the trade-in website (via the Microsoft Store website) which is operated by a Microsoft partner: Surface Trade-In

Once there, you need to pick your old Surface model and choose a couple of options, like is it working/not working, are you trading in the power adapter, and are you trading in a keyboard.

Trade in your old Surface tablet: How Much Can I Get?

Here’s a table I put together after trying EVERY OPTION (you’re welcome) and finding out that (a) you MUST include the power supply and (b) the keyboard options do nothing.

So don’t bother trading in an old keyboard cover, especially if you are trading in a SP3 since the old keyboard works just fine on a SP4.

Model Value
Surface RT (Any Model) $150
Surface 2 32GB $175
Surface 2 64GB $200
Surface 2 w/ LTE $200
Surface Pro 64GB $200
Surface Pro 128GB $225
Surface Pro 256GB $300
Surface Pro 2 64GB $175 (possible mistake)
Surface Pro 2 128GB $300
Surface Pro 2 256GB $300
Surface Pro 2 512GB $300
Surface 3 (Any Model) $250
Surface Pro 3 i3/64GB $350
Surface Pro 3 i5/128GB $400
Surface Pro 3 i5/256GB $500
Surface Pro 3 i7/128GB $550
Surface Pro 3 i7/256GB $550
Surface Pro 3 i7/512GB $700

If you happen to have a broken Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 (nothing earlier) you can even get a few bucks but not very much. A broken top of the line SP3 will get you a mere $27.50.

Better than nothing, I guess.

Trade in your old Surface tablet: The Fine Print

As with anything Microsoft does (or any big company for that matter) there are a few bits of “fine print” you need to be aware of. For your convenience, I listed them here:

  • You must send the old Surface in to be evaluated and will receive a redemption code via email for the credited amount
  • The code is only good in the ONLINE Microsoft Store.
  • Device cannot be password protected.
  • In order to get the full amount, you need to apply the credit towards a new SP4.
  • The redemption code is only valid until 12/7/15

So, if you want to save a few hundred dollars and trade up to a new Surface Pro 4, now might be the time.


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