And The Giveaway Winner Is…

giveaway winner

It is time to announce the winner of our Surface RT Giveaway!

Yesterday, we selected and confirmed one of our Patreon supporters.

And the winner is…

Mark Scott

Thank you for being a loyal reader and a patron of Love My Surface!

If you’d like to be considered for our Patreon exclusive Giveaways, you too can join our supporters and win in the future.

Here are the benefits of a $10/mo pledge to Love My Surface..

At this level you will get:

  • Our eternal gratitude.
  • A high-five if we ever meet you.
  • Credit on Love My Surface as a supporting patron.
  • Access to our Patreon Stream which includes a bonus monthly article that you will only see as a patron.
  • You can submit article ideas to us. Your idea must be Surface-related and cannot be advertising another product. If we write about your idea, we’ll give you credit and a link-back.
  • Exclusive Giveaway with high chance of winning. Get added to our “free equipment giveaway” mailing list. Occasionally, we buy or receive products to test and review. In the past, we’ve given most of the equipment to friends and family once we were done with the reviews. Going forward, we’ll keep a list of patrons who donate at least $10/month and we will hold an exclusive giveaway for these patrons (though you may need to pay shipping).

To sign up, visit our Patreon page. Give as little or as much as you want and support our efforts!



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