Support Our Patreon Campaign And Help Us Continue To Improve LMS

Support Our Patreon Campaign And Help Us Continue To Improve LMS

Another year is almost over, can you believe it’s November already?

What an awesome year this has been!

  • 2,780,085 visits to the site this year already! (Can we make it to an even 3,000,000? Very, very likely!)
  • 522 articles and posts!

We have had an incredible 2015 here at Love My Surface (LMS). It’s been truly, truly amazing. And it’s all because of you, our readers. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!

We want to thank you for honoring us with your loyalty, for coming back regularly, and for spreading the word about LMS.

In the coming year, we want to do even bigger, better, innovative things with the site. We want to create more videos for you, e-books, and even useful applications and other products. To do all that we need your help to allow us to dedicate ourselves full-time to this effort.

patreon campaign

Here is how we make money from LMS now: a little bit from sponsored ads (when you click) and a little bit from affiliate sales (when you buy) – see the ads in this post? Yep, if you click one, we get a few pennies – no I’m not kidding, it’s usually just pennies.  None of that makes enough to cover our day-to-day expenses and the amount of money we spend on equipment – this is still a labor of love 🙂

So, what can you do?

Support our Patreon Campaign by giving even just $1 – yes, it’s that easy!

Here is how: go here and watch our silly video (laugh, snicker, and roll your eyes) then sign up to support our Patreon Campaign in any way you feel comfortable.

If  you don’t know about Patreon, it’s a crowd-sourcing site, a lot like Kickstarter, but it is focused on websites instead of products. This means you can contribute a small amount to us, and in return, you get some bonuses like extra content, the ability to suggest post ideas, and even a chance to get free stuff!!

A bit of history… We started in 2013 when only the Surface RTs were available and the tech media hated them – they gave them only poor reviews. We both worked in IT and we saw the value and potential of Windows tablets and, frankly, we loved the Surfaces. So, we started this blog as a way of helping others be more productive with their MS Surface tablets. All of our blogging started as a hobby, while we both worked full-time elsewhere.

Fast forward two years

LMS has grown exponentially since then. We reached 4 million visits and of that nearly 3 million visits occurred this year! Clearly we needed to dedicate more time to this endeavor. We resigned our IT Director positions and devoted ourselves to blogging. Unfortunately, as much as we love it, we still have to pay bills, eat, and worry about our basic needs. So, we cannot solely focus on Love My Surface.

This is where you come in. When you support our Patreon Campaign, you will be helping us to give up some of the contract work we still have to do now. It will provide more time for us to expand and improve LMS. We can do so much more but currently we just don’t have the time.

So, check out our silly video on Patreon and consider supporting us!

Help us keep this up and take it to new heights!

Cheers to another good year!

Joanna and Tim

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