Screen Keyboard Problem – Surface RT

Problem: I have found that occasionally the on-screen keyboard on my Surface RT does not appear/show or otherwise exist. This usually happens when I fold the touch (external) keyboard back. Sometimes it also happens when I detach the external keyboard.  And sometimes it’s totally random.

Fix: I found that one or two simple fixes usually remedy this problem.

If I have the external keyboard attached:

  • I undock the device from the keyboard
  • I flip the device to change orientation
  • I click around in different applications
  • If none of the above work, I reboot the device

If I do not have the keyboard attached:

  • I flip the device to change orientation
  • I reattached and detach the external keyboard.
  • I try different apps
  • I reboot the device

Now we know that the MS Surface is a Windows device. As any other Windows device, it should be rebooted on regular basis. I find that I have to do this about once a week. I also make sure that I have the latest updates installed – this is important because MS releases fixes regularly for some of the little “glitches”.

Happy typing!

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