Overseas Surface Availability Improving Soon

Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets are going out to more of the world in the very near future.

Redmond announced this morning that Surface tablets will be made available to more markets, with the Surface RT being the first.

They will be shipping starting April 25th to Malaysia and then to Mexico, Korea and Thailand by end of May or early June.

Come summer, the Surface RT will be accessible to a total of 29 markets globally. As for the more-powerful Surface Pro, it’s set to expand beyond its current availability (U.S., Canada and China) to 19 additional markets across Europe, Asia and more by the end of May.

More Surface availability stateside too

Microsoft has taken note of demand and is working with retailers to keep the Pro “consistently in stock.” That’s good news for folks in the U.S and Canada who may have had a hard time finding a Pro to pickup.

If you’ve been searching high and low for a 128GB Surface Pro with no luck. You can always click on the picture in the upper left corner of my front page and get one from Amazon shipped right to your house (that would be awesome) 😉


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