Microsoft buys N-trig

Microsoft buys N-Trig

According to the Israeli business website Globes, Microsoft is purchasing N-trig for a tidy sum.

In case you don’t know, the company developed the digital pen and computer screen interface used in the Surface Pro 3. It replaced the Wacom technology used in the original Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.

No official details about the acquisition have been disclosed but their sources believe that Microsoft will pay around $200 million USD for the Israel-based company. As you might expect, N-trig has declined to make any comments about the deal.

Microsoft buys N-trig: So what?

Microsoft already owns a major stake in N-trig and is (by far) its largest customer, as they are responsible for 79% of N-trig’s revenue by using their technology in the Surface Pro line of tablets.

The acquisition is a pretty good indication that future versions of the Surface will continue to use N-trig technology for some time.

So, if you were among those hoping Microsoft would return to using Wacom technology in the Surface Pro 4, I imagine you’re going to be disappointed.


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