Weekly Surface News Roundup: 27 September 2015


Another week, another list of Surface-related news stories for your review. Once again, Surface Pro 4 rumors are dominating the news feeds ahead of the October 6th event where Microsoft is expected to announce the next Surface model.

The other big story was the release of Office 2016, which I covered here: Microsoft Releases Office 2016

Let’s get started on the list for this week:

  • Indiegogo campaign for Talon ring controller
  • Possible Fake Microsoft Update Emails
  • NFL Keeps fumbling Surface Deal
  • Windows Store Getting Bigger

Let’s take a look at the details for each of these stories…

Weekly Surface News Roundup: Indiegogo campaign for Talon ring controller

Technically this isn’t Surface-related but I can see this versatile controller pairing really well with a Surface.

Billed as a game controller, this little device is worn as a ring (about the size of a men’s high school class ring). However, it’s not just for games. It can be used, essentially, as a wireless mouse and/or presentation controller.

Take a look and see if you think you would like such a highly portable device for use with your Surface.

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Weekly Surface News Roundup Fake Microsoft Update Emails

Weekly Surface News Roundup: Possible Fake Microsoft Update Emails

Microsoft is warning users that a security certificate accidentally released by D-Link (they make network routers and adapters) could be used by someone to send emails claiming to be distributing an important update. However, the “update” would deliver malicious software like viruses or spyware instead.

Microsoft DOES NOT distribute update notifications via email so if you get one of these messages, do not follow any links or download any software. Delete the message immediately.

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Weekly Surface News Roundup: NFL Keeps fumbling Surface Deal

Despite Microsoft paying the NFL (American national football league) a reported $400 million to show off the Microsoft Surface during games, they keep referring to them as “iPads”.

Microsoft has been patient so far and is trying to educate the broadcasters giving publicity to their competitor. But, I image it’s only a matter of time until either the NFL has to refund the $400 million to Microsoft or it ends up in the court system.

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Weekly Surface News Roundup: Windows Store Getting Bigger

One of the big complaints Android and Apple users cite when comparing their devices to a Surface or Windows phone is the “lack of apps in the Windows Store”. Well, that argument is getting weaker.

According to the Microsoft “By the numbers” website, there are over 669K thousand applications in the Windows Store. While there are more apps in both the Play and Apple stores, the Windows Store is slowly closing the gap.

If you get a chance, take a look at the “by the numbers website“. It’s got some information you might find interesting.

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I imagine the non-SP4 rumor news will continue to be pretty thin next week. However, I bet it will explode the week after with actual, non-rumor, Surface Pro 4 news the following week.


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