Feburary 2015 Microsoft Surface Deals

microsoft surface deals
Microsoft has been announcing some great sounding deals lately regarding the Surface Pro 3 but there has been some confusion and mixed press about it.

In this post, we’re hoping to clear up some of the confusion regarding the deals Microsoft currently has going on. As a bonus, we’ll also point out a few other deals that you might not have heard about. Hopefully, we can save you a little bit of money by doing so.

Microsoft Surface Deals: $100 off and a free sleeve

We talked about this one before (see our post $100 OFF Surface Pro 3) but, the short of it is that Microsoft has knocked $100 off the purchase price of most Surface pro 3 models and will throw in a free protective sleeve as well.

Click here to cash in on this deal from Microsoft

This deal is pretty straight forward with no confusion of gotchas to worry about.

Microsoft Surface Deals: $150 off a Business Bundle

A lesser known offer is targeting all of you small business owners out there. Currently, Microsoft is offering UP TO $150 off if you purchase a new Surface Pro 3, Black Type Cover, and Surface Pro 3 Docking Station.

Click here to cash in on this deal from Microsoft

As you might expect, you have to buy the i7/256GB model to get the maximum $150 discount but you can still get the $100 discount if you buy one of the i5 models.

Microsoft Surface Deals: New Trade-In program

Microsoft is saying they’ll give you up to $650 trade-in on your old Surface, if you put it toward a new Surface Pro 3. Personally, I think they’re trying to sell off SP3 inventory to make way for SP4 units but what do I know?

Regardless, this is a sweet deal but, unfortunately, there has been some confusion regarding it.

In order to get the trade-in credit, you have to trade-in a working Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, or a lesser Surface Pro 3. If you do, you will get a credit UP TO $650 USD towards the purchase of the Surface Pro 3.

After doing some research, and talking to Microsoft customer support for quite a while, we came up with the following exchange rate information:

  • Surface RT you will get $84 to $94 trade in credit
  • Surface 2 you will get $105 – $114 trade in credit
  • Surface Pro you will get $122 – $215 trade in credit
  • Surface Pro 2 you will get $189 – $450 trade in credit
  • Surface Pro 3 you will get $399 – $650 trade in credit

To get the maximum $650 USD credit, you have to trade in a (nearly) top of the line Surface Pro 3. Of course, that warrants the question: who would trade in a new SP3 just to get another SP3?

Here are a few other points to be aware of:

  • Though you are asked if you are trading in a touch or type cover, there doesn’t seem to be any difference in the trade-in value, i.e. no extra $$ for the covers.
  • This program is available both online and in retail stores but if you start the process online you must finish it online and vice-versa. No, getting a trade-in code in store then purchasing online.
  • As part of the online trade-in program, you have to send in your Surface to a Microsoft partner for evaluation. They then authorize the trade-in and send you a promo code. (This promo code can only be used toward the purchase of a new Surface Pro 3 in the Microsoft Online Store)
  • The deal is not available online in Canada.
  • The deals are only available in the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada (at a Microsoft Store)

UPDATE: There was originally a section on deals from Best Buy but, since then, many of the deals have expired so the section was removed.


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