VyprVPN Problem on Surface

vyprvpn problems on surface

This post is a follow-up to our earlier post about VPNs where we told you about VyprVPN. We really like Vypr and use it daily (especially now that we’re in Puerto Rico) but recently we’ve experienced some disconnects and at some point the software stopped working. So, we contacted their support and since we recommend VyprVPN, we thought we would share the solution with you.

VyprVPN Problem on Surface: What Was Happening?

The problem we were seeing was that the VPN client would not start properly. We could click on the icon and there would be a “blank” icon in the system tray. If we clicked on the system tray, the VyprVPN window would appear but it was non-responsive.

On top of that, the client process would start hammering the CPU in the background.

The VPN client wouldn’t allow you to close it, we had to go into task manager and kill the process.

VyprVPN Problem on Surface: Fixing It

If the above sounds familiar to you, then we have some good news. We can help you get you resolve your VyprVPN problems and get you working again.

It turns out that the problem stemmed from an incompatibility with a recent .NET update Microsoft pushed out. The current version of the VPN client simply wouldn’t work with it (I happened to run into the problem because I installed a new game from Steam and it required the .NET upgrade.)

Fortunately, the folks at GoldenFrog (the publishers of VyprVPN) were aware of the problem and had already created a beta version of the VyprVPN client to address the problem with this .NET update.

So, if you are having the problem, you can get the beta client: HERE

Just do the following in this order:

  • Uninstall the existing version – make sure you uninstall the user settings as well (it’s a check box during the uninstall process)
  • Restart your Surface
  • Download and install the beta version then enter your log in information and you should be good to go

Of course, your other option is to just wait. Both Joanna and I installed it right away and it fixed our problem; we are once again back to using VyprVPN daily. Their beta software seems to be highly developed and will probably become the production version very soon. We found their tech support super helpful and we still highly recommend their product.


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