How to Improve Battery Life with Hyper-V or Hibernate

Hello everyone, anyone still have problems with the battery life when in sleep mode? The new updates from the month of June improved battery life but it is still a problem.

One of the problem we face, as Surface Pro 4 users, is that the Intel HD graphic is constantly running while it is on sleep mode. There is a way to deactivate it and it will improve the battery life while on sleep mode.

To deactivate the Intel HD graphic we first need to enable the Hyper-V feature and these steps will guide you.

Activate Hyper-V

  1. Type “Program and Feature” in Cortana
  2. When the Program and Feature window pops up, open “Turn Windows features on or off”
  3. You will see this Window, check the Hyper-V feature.
    HyperV feature
  4. Once checked, it will ask you to reset the computer and done!

When Hyper-V is activated your Surface Pro 4 will turn off the HD graphic when on sleep mode. This will save you more battery when on sleep mode.

Even better way to save more battery life is to put your Surface Pro 4 on hibernate. By default, the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book does not have its Hibernate option shown by default so you will need to turn it on:

Activate Hibernate

  1. In Cortana, type “Power Options”
  2. Once in the Power Options windows appear click “Choose what the power button do”
  3. Select “Change settings that are currently unavailable” and check the Hibernate box below
    HyperV feature1

After following these steps your Surface Pro 4 will retain battery life for a longer period of time while it is on hibernate mode.

Downfall of hibernate mode is that the boost up time is a little longer than it is on sleep mode.

Hopefully in the near future with more firmware update, our Surface Pro 4 or Book devices can save battery life normally. Nevertheless before that time comes I hope this is a good alternative for you guys!

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