Weekly Surface News Roundup – September 20th, 2015


You know, it seems like there’s always one thing dominating the news feeds when it comes to the Surface


This week, it’s Microsoft’s October 6th event where I (along with pretty much everyone else) expect Microsoft will announce the Surface Pro 4 (and a few other devices but who cares about those? ;-). This week, since I Surface

owners may be interested in.

Here’s my list for this week:

  • Windows Insider Build 10547
  • AT&T Business Laptops Stick With Win 8.1
  • September 2015 Firmware Update
  • Surface features Prominently in Microsoft/SalesForce Video

OK, let’s get started….

Weekly Surface News Roundup Build 10547

Weekly Surface News Roundup: Windows Insider Build 10547

Microsoft has released another build to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring for testing. The new feature that makes this build (10547) relevant to Surface  tablets is support for app snapping from the Task view. Also, it makes it easier to swap out snapped apps with other applications you may want to bring up on screen.

In addition, if you’ve been having privacy concerns with Windows 10, you’ll be glad to know that this build will allow local accounts to use Cortana. [Currently, you need to be using an (easily trackable) Microsoft account to access the Cortana feature.] Privacy advocates have been pretty critical of Windows 10; so, this looks like a step by Microsoft to address some of those concerns.

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Weekly Surface News Roundup: AT&T Business Laptops Stick With Win 8.1

AT&T has been selling LTE-enabled Surface 3’s for several weeks, at this point.

However, on 16 September, AT&T announced that they will be selling the Microsoft Surface 3 with Windows 8.1 to business customers, as opposed to Windows 10.

If you dig into the details, it seems AT&T’s business versions of the Surface 3 are all being sold with Windows 8.1. If your business wants Windows 10, presumably they can be upgraded like any other Surface.

In case you don’t know, the “business” Surface 3 from AT&T comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and sells for $649.99 with a 2-year wireless contract ($37.50/month) or $749.99 without a contract.

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refurbished surface pro 3

Weekly Surface News Roundup: September 2015 Firmware Update

This month’s firmware updates for Surface

was pretty thin with only a single update that affected the Surface Pro 3 (no other Surface model was included).

This update was listed as “System Firmware Update – 9/15/2015” or “System Hardware Update – 9/15/2015” in Windows Update and had the following patch:

  • USB 3.0 Card Reader driver update (v10.0.10240.31217): Intended to improve system power usage when an SD card is installed.

Nothing else, just this single patch.

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Weekly Surface News Roundup: Surface Features Prominently in Microsoft/SalesForce Video

Microsoft and Salesforce put out a video illustrating their “vision of the future of computing”.

The short video has the Surface Pro 3 (or 4?) and Cortana up front and center in their vision. This is good news for people like us who like and are invested in these devices.

You can check it out above. The whole video is just under 3 minutes.

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That’s it for this week. You can expect to see a new crop of Surface

related stories next Sunday.


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