Fix Slow Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Wi-Fi Problem

Fix Slow Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Wi-Fi Problem

If you’ve been having some problems with slow Wi-fi on your Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, I have good news.

Microsoft knows about the slow Wi-Fi issue and is working on a patch for the problem. From the information available, it appears that it’s software-related problem related to MAC layer aggregation (AMSDU over AMPDU) and certain types of wireless access points. In other words, they’re saying it’s the access point, not the Surface or Windows 10, per se.

Like you care, you just want it to work, right? 😉

While the problem *should* only affect a small percentage of access points, a fair of people are complaining about it, so Microsoft has promised to resolve it with a update on their Microsoft Community Forum.

Slow Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Wi-Fi: The Fix

Unfortunately we don’t know when the fix will be released but it should be pretty soon. In the meantime, you can try the following registry change to work around the problem.

  • Search for regedit and open it from the results.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\mrvlpcie8897
  • Find the entry for TXAMSDU, modify the value from 1 to 0 (Hex)
  • Save the change and restart your Surface

If your Surface Wi-Fi speed problem is stemming form the MAC aggregation issue, this should help but the real “fix” will be coming along as a Windows update in the near future. So, keep checking for new updates.



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  1. Got my Surface Pro 4 yesterday. Download worked good but not the upload. After applying this registry changes everything seems to work now.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. I went to the registry to make this change and found that the Hex value was already set to 0. So, this does not solve the issue for me. I was getting great Wi-Fi speeds until yesterday. Called my provider. They sent a tech out and actually found an issue in the wiring. Now every other machine in the house is consistently getting over 100 Mbps/down and over 40Mbps/up on 5GHz. I get 3-8Mbps/down and 40+Mbps/up on 5GHz but get 45-60Mbps/down on 2.4GHz when it’s not too crowded from all of my neighbors streaming or gaming, or whatever they are doing during peak usage times. WTH?!

  3. Having just purchased a new router (Netgear R7000 Nighthawk) less than a month ago and then buying a new Surface Pro 4 two weeks ago I too was frustrated at the slow internet issue. I have a 200Mb fibre connection from my ISP and with the Surface Pro I was getting around 3-4Mb down and around 1.5Mb up.

    Having read all of the forums about this over the last couple of weeks and trying all of the apparant fixes (registry fix, installing older drivers etc) I was thinking that i’d maybe have to configure a secondary router just for the Surface Pro or bite the bullet and just replace the R7000 after just having bought it. I didn’t really want to do this as i’d got it at a great price in the Black Friday deals and with all of my other devices it performs fantastically.

    Before setting up another router I decided to try installing the Kong DD-WRT custome router firmware. Guess what, it worked. I’m now consistently getting around 180Mb down and 11Mb up. With a little tweaking of the channel settings to identify the best one i’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get speeds back up to the maximum (I was consistently getting over 200Mb down on my other devices on the latest Netgear firmware).

    The main thing is that the connection is now stable and consistent on the Surface Pro for the first time since i’ve had it.

    It also took me less than 10 minutes to flash the router and set it up with DD-WRT.

    • I can’t believe this has still not been fixed my Microsoft. I bought the Surface Pro 4 in December and have 3 other laptops plus several Apple devices. We have consistent Wifi connectivity with all other devices and just the Surface Pro is having issues. No registry setting change is resolving the issue. This is an issue since the device came out according to some posts, so why can every other manufacturer resolve the issue just not Microsoft? I’m with you, it is absolute inconvenient, having to buy other routers and reconfigure everything because you buy 1 new device. It makes me almost regret having bought the SP4. Out of principle, because they can’t fix this known issue for such a long time or just don’t care.

  4. didn’t help. All updates installed. Even used my USB wifi dongle from another laptop. Even with that my brand new Surface Book has network connection drops, or “secured, no internet” or simply no functional connectivity even though it says I’m connected. On the same network, the same dongle works flawlessly on machines from Win7 down to Win XP. I get worse performance with the built in network, and if I disable it, there goes Bluetooth and no more wireless mouse. Getting real close to returning this thing.

  5. I have really enjoyed the SP4 for the last two months; except for the periodic wifi drops! I have the Netgear R7000 router and did not want to replace it because it works great with all my other devices (plus it was expensive!). I have been trying a number of different fixes, and the registry edit presented in this article has worked for me! A big thank you to Tim Rolston.

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