How to Upgrade your Surface Studio

Hello everyone, this is for those who have purchased the Surface Studio or interested in buying one.

And of course, those who would love to increase the Surface Studio’s overall performance.

In previous articles, we mentioned that the Surface Studio is not only expensive to fix but there are many internal components that are not upgradable or replaceable.

Click here for that article.

This is because we some components are directly attached to the motherboard.

It would cost more to take apart pieces than to actually buy a new motherboard.

Nevertheless developers have already found out a way to enhance the Surface Studio’s performance.

In this video Robert Ballecer, host of podcast, demonstrates how to upgrade the SSD and HDD.

This will increase the overall data transfer performance and responsiveness of your Surface Studio.


This is definitely not the easiest device to upgrade since there are around 170 steps to follow and 32 screws to unscrew!

Share your thoughts and comment below! Would you do it on your own? Or would you just spend a little extra to upgrade.

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