Updates on Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue

I have recently written multiple articles about solving battery related issue for the Surface Pro 4. In those articles, I have been getting some comments/questions about the problems of the Surface Pro 3 as well. Unfortunately since I have never owned one, I am unsure about solving these battery issues. Nevertheless, I went ahead and did some research and was able to find some information about it.

To recall, after about a year or so of Surface Pro 3 usage, the battery started to degrade fast. Within days, the full charged battery only lasts an hour or two. That’s less than 20% of the full capacity on a full charge.

Multiple articles on the net have confirmed that this issue is not caused by any hardware problems meaning the physical battery itself is fine. This is caused by a software defect which means it is fixable. These problems can be fixed through firmware updates.

A Microsoft forum Moderator reported that the team has “isolated” the problem to a limited number of customers. There is a huge thread still being updated on this issue.

For further information of solving this problem for the Surface Pro 3, stay up to date on this Microsoft forum for possible solutions.

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