It Took the FedEx Driver to Fix the Problem

My replacement Surface Pro 3 is finally here, but good grief, if it didn’t turn out to be an ordeal!

And when it came right down to it, the FedEx driver was the one to fix the screw-up.

Let me back up and tell you the full story….

As you may recall, I was having quite a few problems with my Surface Pro 3, see I Love You But You’re Going Back post. So, I sent it in to Microsoft for a replacement. I was told 7-10 days turnaround; I wasn’t thrilled but couldn’t really do anything about it so I said fine.

A few days after I sent the Surface Pro 3 in for replacement, I checked online to see if Microsoft had received it and indeed they did. However, at that time I also noticed that they had the wrong address (house number and zip code) on the “ship to” field for where to ship my new one.

I thought: Oh, crap! If they send it there, it will get sent back to them because the address doesn’t exist and it will take me forever to get my replacement Surface Pro 3.

So, I contacted Microsoft in an attempt to get them to correct the shipping address. The entire ordeal took 33 minutes and I was told at the end that they had to open another request and pass it on to yet another department within Microsoft to change the address what?!

I have to admit, I was really losing my patience because…

  1. Changing and address should not be so difficult,
  2. It took over a half an hour to just be passed on somewhere else,
  3. The tech apparently could not figure out how to send me an email. In the end I got the confirmation sent to me after her several tries, see the transcript at the bottom of this post.

OK, so at the end, the tech assured me that there will be no delay and that the address will be corrected prior to shipment of the new Surface – fine.

Two days later, I got notification that the new Surface Pro 3 will be shipping to me (at the still wrong address) within 2 business days.

Well, I thought, since I have a confirmation number and another ticket open for the change of address, they will surely get this straightened out and send the device to the correct address – so I waited.

The next thing I received was notification of shipment with a tracking number from FedEx. So, I went to FedEx website and it said that the package was in my area already but it didn’t list the shipment address. So, back I went to the Microsoft service site, I looked up the shipment information and lo and behold it was sent to the WRONG address!

It was finally then that I reached the end of my rope and began freaking out. It has now been 8 days into this process and I did not want my Surface to go back to Microsoft. So, I contacted FedEx and asked them to hold the shipment at the local facility.

Unfortunately, it was already put on the truck for delivery (to an address that does not exist) but they said that when the truck returned to the warehouse, they would hold it. Whew!

It gets better though, the next call I got was from Microsoft telling me that the FedEx delivery could not be stopped and the Surface is on a truck to be delivered. I then told them again that the shipping address they sent to is wrong and that I already spoke with FedEx. They insisted on calling FedEx to try to straighten it out. Then they call me back again to tell me that it was on the truck and there is nothing they can do.

I just want my damn Surface!!!

So, after all the stress and multiple phone calls from Microsoft, I’m expecting the device to be returned to FedEx facility and be available for me to pick up the next day.

Instead, I got home and the FedEx driver, who apparently caught the mistake because he/she was smart enough to look me up and correct the address, delivered it to my home and left it at the door.

Thank you random FedEx delivery person!!!!

In the meantime, I never heard back from Microsoft on the change of address request nor was there any follow up to see if I actually got my Surface – I’m not impressed.

But I do have my new Surface Pro 3 and, so far, it looks like the Wi-Fi problems are gone. However, I will give it a few days of heavy use and report back to let you know how the new Surface Pro 3 is behaving.

If you have to exchange your device, I sure hope you have a better experience than me or at the very least, less stressful.

Here is the chat transcript with Microsoft Support:
Please note that it says Tim because the account is under his name and they usually get confused if I use my own name for tech support calls:

Chat start time  Jul 24, 2014 6:43:21
Chat end time  Jul 24, 2014 7:17:02
Duration (actual chatting time)  00:33:41
Chat Transcript
info: Thank you for choosing Microsoft Surface.  An Answer Tech will be with you shortly.
info: Privacy Statement
You are now chatting with ‘Sasha’.
Sasha: Hi. Thank you for contacting Surface Customer Support. My name is Sasha. Please give me a moment to review your concern and thank you for sharing the detailed information.
Sasha: Thank you so much for patiently waiting. Am I chatting with Tim?
Tim: This is regarding service req 12*****43
Tim: Yes
Sasha: Perfect! Thanks for confirming.
Sasha: Hello there Tim. I hope you are doing well today.
Tim: I just looked up the request and see that the shipping address for my SP3 replacement is wrong
Sasha: Oh! I see. Thanks for sharing that information, Tim.
Sasha: We understand that this has been concerning you.
Sasha: No worries, you came to the right team, we will definitely assist you with this.
Sasha: If you don’t mind me asking, before we start, may we have your best contact number please?
Sasha: We just want to make sure that you will be assisted right away just in case we get disconnected.
Sasha: Thanks.
Tim: I’ve already entered it at the beginning of this chat
Sasha: Oh! Alright.
Tim: here it is again: 7********3
Sasha: Great!
Sasha: Thank you.
Sasha: We have noted your callback number here.
Sasha: Let me go ahead and check the service request number here.
Sasha: Is there a way that I could ask for the serial number of the Surface Pro 3 device as well for verification purposes?
Sasha: The serial number is located at the back on the kickstand directly below the Surface Logo.
Tim: No, it’s been sent back to you
Sasha: The picture will show you where to locate the Surface Serial Number :

Tim: So I do not have it
Sasha: Oh! Alright. It’s okay, Tim.
Sasha: Thanks for the information.
Tim: You already received my device, I just need to make sure the new one does not get sent to the wrong address
Sasha: Sure thing, Tim.
Sasha: Let me just go ahead and check the reference number here to assist you further.
Tim: Yep, that’s why I gave it right at the beginning
Sasha: We understand your point, Tim.
Sasha: Please try not to worry, rest assured that this will be taken cared of accordingly.
Sasha: Please feel free to grab a cup of drinks while we’re still checking here for you to relax a bit.
Sasha: I’ll just be right here.
Sasha: Thank you.
Tim: Don’t need coffee, just want to change the address
Sasha: Sure thing.
Sasha: We will surely get this covered.
Sasha: May we have you verified shipping address please?
Tim: *** La********* St. A****** MI 4****7
Tim: You seem to have a wrong street # and zip code in the shipment info shown online
Sasha: Oh! Okay. Thank you for the verified shipping address.
Sasha: Upon checking here, I can see indeed that the shipping address we have on file is ***** ******* ST ****** Michigan ****** United States.
Tim: Yep, that’s wrong
Sasha: Thank you for confirming.
Sasha: Don’t worry Tim, this will definitely be fixed. You will surely receive the Surface Pro 3 device in the right address.
Sasha: Here’s what we’re going to do.
Sasha: We will go ahead and forward this case to our Care Team so that the address will be changed and in that way, it will be delivered to the right address.
Tim: Is that going to cause a delay? I’d like to expedite this
Sasha: They will be contacting you the soonest time possible once it will be changed to confirm it.
Sasha: Rest assured though that you will surely receive the fully working device in the right address within the estimated period of time.
Sasha: I understand your point, Tim.
Sasha: Please try not to worry, this won’t affect any delay on the shipment. Once our Care Team will receive our request now to change the address, they will then contact our Service Center right away to send the fully working Surface Pro 3 device to the right shipping address,Tim Rolston: Excellent, am I all set then? Do you have a confirmation # for me?
Sasha: Excellent indeed, Tim.
Sasha: Yes, we have just successfully submitted the request  to our Care Team.
Sasha: Here’s the reference number.
Sasha: 1255690415.
Sasha: Please take this down.
Tim: Great thanks. Can you also email it to me?
Sasha: There is no need to contact us back, Tim. Our Care Team will get in touch with you through the contact information that you have provided the soonest time possible.
Sasha: Yes, definitely.
Sasha: May we have your best contact email address please or do you have an access to *******
Tim: Yes, ******* is best
Sasha: Okay. Excellent!
Sasha: The email containing the reference number, 1255690415 has already been sent to your best contact email ********
Sasha: You may consider this resolved for now, Tim.
Sasha: We got everything covered for you.
Sasha: Rest assured that this will be taken cared of accordingly.
Tim: Ok, thanks.
Sasha: Kindly check your email while we still have you here.
Sasha: Thank you.
Sasha: No problem.
Sasha: You are very much welcome.
Sasha: Can you possibly check your email if you happen to receive it while we still have you here in the chat session?
Sasha: We just want to make sure that you won’t left hanging on this.
Sasha: Thank you.
Sasha: Please let us know once you already received it, Tim.
Sasha: Thanks a lot.
Tim: thanks
Sasha: Oh! No problem.
Sasha: You are very much welcome.
Sasha: Here in Microsoft, we always do our very  best to make sure that you are given the best support that you deserve as our valued customer.
Sasha: Have you received the email, Tim?
Tim: No
Sasha: Oh! Okay. Let me send it back one more time.
Sasha: Can you possibly refresh the email though by logging out and then signing back in.
Sasha: Also, kindly check your spam and junk folders as well as the email might have been directed to those folders.
Sasha: Thank you.
Tim: Still no email
Sasha: Alright. Thanks for checking it out.
Sasha: Let me send it back.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to ********* at the end of your chat.
Tim: Looks like you sent it to the wrong address
Tim: But I got it
Sasha: Oh! Okay. That’s excellent.
Tim : Yes
Sasha: I have also sent it back to *********  just now.
Tim: You sent it to my work address
Sasha: Indeed, Tim. And I have also resend it to *********
Sasha: The great thing though is that you have already received it successfully and we have fixed everything here.
Sasha: Just a quick recap of what we have done today.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to ********* at the end of your chat.

Have you had any experience with Microsoft support? Were they good or bad? Please feel free to share.


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