Surface Studio is doing better than expected..?

Hello everyone we have quite interesting news for you guys.

No one believe that the Surface Studio would be a big seller at first because of its relatively high price point.

Nevertheless Microsoft shipped out 15 000 units of the Surface Studio!

But if that’s not crazy Digitime reports that another 15 000 units need to be shipped out!

That is the whopping 30 000 units in the first Quarter of 2017!

Mind you the prices of the Microsoft Surface Studio are:

  • $2,999.00USD 1TB Intel core i5 with 8GB of ram and 2GB GPU
  • $3,499.00USD 1TB Intel core i7 with 16GB of ram and 2GB GPU
  • $4,199.00USD 1TB Intel core i7 with 32GB of ram and 4GB GPU

The hype might die down later this year but it is definitely making Apple nervous of having a competitor of their iMac series!


  • I’d say “should make Apple nervous” instead of “definitely making Apple nervous” because there’s no indication Apple is really getting nervous. But I agree with the author, it should make Apple nervous!

    • non- touch – dead end hardware and Apple has virtually walked away from OS10 and the “Mac Pro”, and this started by pushing iPads instead of incorporating touch.
      Professionals are moving away from Apple. But whether or not they are “nervous” depends on if Apple cares about the desktop market. And it seems like they don’t. I’d say the entrenched dependant Mac OS user should be nervous.

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