Surface Pro 3 Teardown

Surface Pro 3 Teardown - Town down SP3

Photo Credit: iFixit

If you’ve ever wondered what the insides of a brand new Surface Pro 3 looks like, the folks over at iFixit have completed a teardown and posted the steps (with pictures online).

You can find it here: iFixit Surface Pro 3 Teardown

If you’ve never heard of iFixit, they offer walk-throughs, manuals, and tools for repairing  everything from old game consoles to cars and they often start by tearing the item in question apart (especially with electronics) to get a look at what’s inside.

Surface Pro 3 Teardown: Can I fix or upgrade it myself?

If you’re a tinkerer, you might have wondered if you could crack open your Surface Pro 3 and upgrade the CPU, RAM, or solid-state drive.

Well, forget it……

The Surface Pro 3 teardown reveals that (much like it’s predecessors) the device would be practically impossible to fix or upgrade on your own. Just about everything is glued together and they use a lot of proprietary connectors so “off the shelf” upgrade parts probably won’t work for you.

Surface Pro 3 Teardown - SSD

Photo Credit: iFixit

The one exception seems to be the solid-state drive, which looks pretty conventional, but there’s a very good chance that you’ll destroy your tablet trying to reach it. In fact, the iFixit folks (who have a lot of experience doing this type of thing) cracked the glass before they even got the device apart.

I’d love to do my own Surface Pro 3 teardown but since we just got it and it’s been designated as Joanna’s I don’t think it’s going to happen. 😉


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