One in Five Businesses Are ‘Unprepared’ For A Cyber Attack

There is no way to slow down the rate at which cybercriminals are increasing both the frequency
and the scope of their attacks on businesses. Nevertheless, despite the growing likelihood of
cyberattacks, one out of every five businesses still does not take any preventative measures
against the growing risks.

The past few years have seen many data breaches severely damage businesses operating in the
digital world. These attacks are proof that anyone can become a victim. No matter how big or
small your business is, if you take the necessary steps to improve your online presence, your data
and that of your customers will be safe. What can you do?

Cyber Security and Social Hacking

Steps Your Company Can Take To Improve Its Cybersecurity

Data is the most valuable asset that any business possesses. As your company expands its digital
capabilities and moves more of its operations online, ensuring that your network is secure and
protect the data it stores will become increasingly important.

Violating data protection can increase the probability of data corruption or theft, which can have
severe repercussions for your company’s financial performance and credibility. Nevertheless, to
reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack occurring at your business, you should implement the
following essential data security enhancements.

Nevertheless, to reduce the likelihood of a cyberattack occurring at your business, you should implement the following essential data security enhancements.

1. Use Password Manager

Nobody can retain all of the robust and one-of-a-kind passwords necessary to maneuver digital
life. Nearly every website you visit on the internet will require you to log in with a unique

Some people prefer to memorize a single complex password and use it across all of their online
accounts, while others opt for straightforward passwords that are easier to recall. Developing
secure and one-of-a-kind passwords can be a challenging endeavor, instead of using the same
password, pick a password manager
 to help with your multiple accounts. Choosing to maintain a
single password puts you at risk of cybercrimes.

The most effective password managers will alert you if any of your old passwords are vulnerable
or if they are prey to a data breach. These solutions help you improve your password by
recommending new credentials that are robust and unique for each login you make. A few
password managers need a monthly subscription fee, but many free options are also available.

2. Data Encryption

Data encryption prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive and private information.
Encryption, a crucial component of any comprehensive cybersecurity architecture, makes it
extremely difficult to utilize intercepted data.
The data that needs encrypting includes:
● The data currently in use
● Data currently in transit
● Data that is currently in storage
Data encryption software, referred to as an encryption algorithm or cipher, contributes to
creating an encryption scheme that, in theory, can be cracked using only a significant amount of

3. Cloud Data Storage

Creating a backup of your data in the cloud is one of the most effective methods for preventing
your data from falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

A regular cloud data backup is essential, especially for critical data that could significantly
impact day-to-day business operations if lost or corrupted. Using the cloud to store your data
provides easy scalability. You can easily expand your cloud storage capacity to meet your data
storage requirements.

4. Use A Good Antivirus and Always Keep It Updated

When you open certain files received from unknown individuals and download them onto your
computer, you could most likely be introducing one r even more viruses into the system. Using
the most recent version of an antivirus program such as Kaspersky protects you from viruses like
keyloggers. These are more sophisticated and clever Trojans (viruses) that can record anything
you type and then send it to the hacker.  

Early detection of network threats enables the execution of necessary countermeasures before
significant data damage or losses occur. To protect against known network threats, you can
configure the software to conduct a range of actions.

5. Conduct Awareness Training on Cyber Security Measures.

It is strongly advisable for employers to provide staff with regular security awareness training. It
can include advice on recognizing questionable emails, recommendations for creating strong
passwords, and recommendations for safeguarding confidential corporate information.
Sending regular reminders to all staff is an effective way to ward off cyberattacks and protect
your business’s digital presence.

Wrapping Up

A range of cyber threats faces many businesses, irrespective of the size. As long as you are
digital, the best way for businesses to protect against these threats is to have a comprehensive set
of security tools.

The lack of a proper security framework invites several cyber-attacks. It can result in the most
common threats such as malware and ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, cyber-frauds, and
insider attacks.

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