Nebo – Great Note Taking App for the Microsoft Surface

Hello everyone! Are you guys excited for the new school year? I am definitely not..

I have a very useful application for note taking that you can use in school or even for business meetings.

This application is called Nebo.

I find that Nebo utilizes the Surface Pen very well and one of the best handwriting recognition applications for note taking.

Nebo can convert your handwriting in to in text and can be exported to Word Document.

This can also convert your diagrams and mathematical formulas in to text! This is useful for business and engineering students!

There is a promotional deal right now and Nebo is completely free for a limited time! In the Windows store it was priced at 8.99USD and this offers ends in 3 days from now.

I would highly recommend this application for business professionals or students who uses their computer to take notes.

Don’t wait guys, it is free and very useful!

This video can briefly show you what this application can do.


  • I just installed; this app works well on my Surface Book. It also supports my high contrast mode very well; I like that. Thank you for informing us about this deal.

  • i just installed the app but when the demo begins it says that I should switch to full screen because there’s not enough screen space (???). I can tap on “go on to the app” and skip the demo, but that’s quite annoying after a few times….
    what can i do?
    I’m on a sp3

  • Can this app “White board”?
    This app is fine and dandy … BUT … White board in onenote spanks this double tapping the screen. with White board you don’t even need to draw out any of these notes or diagrams. IF this app has white board integration, then I’m all in.

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