Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Here’s the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. It’s slim. It’s functional. Looks beautiful. Nice looking and feeling palmrest, which is apparently double cushioned.

And of course, it is ergonomic, which has never been my cup of tea.

Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard v2?

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard looks very similar to that of the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. They did remove the gap at the right center position just above the space key. The numeric pad doesn’t have the separation either. And of course, it features dedicated Fn keys which is probably better for most of us.

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is compatible with the current generation Surface devices, such as the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book and the Surface Studio. The connectivity is made via Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1. Two AAA batteries are required, which will last you up to 1 year.

Not for mechanical switch fans

Microsoft does not mention what type of switches the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard uses, but given their claim of 10 million actuations, it is probably not mechanical (Mechanicals tend to last at least 30mil). Can’t build mechanical keyboards with that chiclet look anyhow. No clicky Cherry MX Red/Blue/Brown/Yellow/Pink/Violet switches for you!

To be fair, I tried the Sculpt keyboard before. It had a nice feel for a non-mechanical keyboard, with similar sort-of ‘bump’ feel.

Not backlit!

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is not backlit. A bummer! Personally, I wouldn’t consider any keyboards that are not backlit.

Officially, the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard also supports Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices with Human Interface Devices.

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard measures 18.11 x 9.02 x 1.36 inches, and weighs 2.23lb. It will cost $129.99US and you can pre-order it here.

My biggest issue with the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

The biggest issue by far for me is not the fault of the keyboard. It is the fact that this keyboard has a gap at the center. Unfortunately, when I learned to type long time ago, I didn’t learn the proper way. Keys like ‘B’ are typed using my right hand. I get lost looking for keys near the center gap. I used slightly curvy keyboards before without separations – those were ok.

Only if they release a keyboard with center keys duplicated on both sides… Yes, I’m dreaming again… 🙂 That would be a funny looking keyboard.

Also, I currently use a tenkeyless keyboard as I almost never use numeric pads. They need to separate those numeric pads off the main body!

Of course, don’t forget that Microsoft has also released a non-ergonomic backlit version of this keyboard as well, if this is not for you. It will be cheaper.

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