Boingo Wi-Finder Review for Surface Tablets

Boingo Wi-Finder Review
Boingo Wi-Finder Review:

  • Name: Boingo Wi-Finder
  • Cost:      $Free$
  • Runs on: Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2
  • Find it: Windows Apps Store

Boingo Wi-Finder Review: Overview and Features

Boingo Wi-Finder allows you to find and access Boingo Hotspots quickly and easily. I find it useful when roaming around town with my Surface RT.

Useful features:

  • One-tap online access
  • Notifications of available networks
  • Thousands of hotspots
  • Search for a location or use your current location
  • Set a reference point on the map and find hotspots near it
  • View hotspot’s details
  • List or map view
  • Get driving directions to Boingo hotspot

Boingo Wi-Finder Review: Pros

I really like the map view and list view side-by-side. I also like that you can enter your own location (reference point). Driving directions are also handy, as is the color coding of network quality.

Boingo Wi-Finder Review: Cons

I noticed that even though My Location is enabled, (it sometimes gets it right on) it can be totally off – like in a different state. So, I tend to set my own reference point manually or search for a specific location.

Boingo Wi-Finder Review: Conclusion and Rating

Overall, I would say that this is a decent app. It’s free and that’s a big plus.  It’s handy if you travel a lot or if you’re on the go often with your device. I like most of its features but it does occasionally crash on me. So, for that reason and because My Location often gets confused, I’m giving it three out of five smilies.


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