Android notifications coming to your Windows 10 soon!

If you currently own an Android phone and also use Windows 10 (the most popular combo amongst this blog readers), then we  may have an interesting feature coming to us soon. This feature allows you to see Android notifications on your Windows PC/laptop/laplets!

Of course, to get this feature working, you will need to install an app in your Android phone, and that role will be fulfilled by the Cortana App. Once you have the latest update applied to your Windows 10 when it becomes available, you will be able to enable the notification synchronization feature. Notifications such as e-mails, messages and missed calls will be visible on your Windows 10 and the process is near real time. This feature is called synchronization for a good reason – if you dismiss any of the notifications from any of the devices, the rest will be automatically dismissed as well. Its a two way communication, not one.

This feature was discovered by one of the user who are currently part of the Microsoft Windows Insider Program. This means for most of you, this notification feature is still not visible. It is expected to be rolled out as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which is currently scheduled for late this summer.

Kent Beck

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