Why A VPN Can Save You Money

Eye-opening VPN Statistics:

You may remember our posts about VPN for your Surface, see  VPN for Surface Pro and Goods News – VPN for Surface RT available. Well, it turns out that using a VPN can not only keep your data safe, it can also help save you money on travel and car rentals.

I’m sure you’ve heard that major travel booking sights read your cookies and the longer you take to make the decision, the higher they raise the price, right?  Well, they do. If you go to Travelocity or Expedia, try searching for prices a couple of times. Then the next day try again and you’ll see the prices go up.

But did you know that many sites also charge more or less based on your location? Did you also know that some VPN systems let you pick one of several endpoints in the world?

Well they do. By picking a different VPN end point, you can greatly reduce the amount airlines and car rental companies charge you.

Check out the awesome infographic below that outlines how changing airline and car rental companies base their pricing depending on where they think you are when you book your tickets or rental.

Special thanks to Golden Frog and VyprVPN for allowing us to use their info, it was eye-opening:

So, if you have a VPN that lets you pick your endpoint, the next time you’re going to travel or rent a car you might want to try getting pricing after picking an endpoint in another country. It could save you a lot of money.

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