Surface News Roundup: July 19th, 2015


Here’s your Surface News Roundup for this weekend. Today, I have the following Surface-related stories for your perusal:

  • Windows RT Update Coming in September
  • 3D Touch System Patent Application
  • Surface Coming to India

Since Surface Pro 4 rumors continue to comprise about 85% of the Surface related news stories that show up in my mailbox (this week, the wild speculation is an October release), all other Surface-related stories have largely been overshadowed. However, I think the three above are noteworthy for Surface owners and enthusiasts.

Surface News Roundup-RT

Surface News Roundup: Windows RT Update Coming in September

If you are still holding onto your Surface RT or Surface 2 and haven’t been feeling a lot of Windows 10 love, it turns out that Gabe Aul (from Microsoft) has confirmed that there will be an update for the much maligned Windows RT operating system. You can see his tweet here.

It won’t be available until September and it will be called “Windows RT, Update 3”. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any details released about what will be included/changed in the update.

It’s something, though.

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Surface News Roundup-3D

Surface News Roundup: 3D Touch System Patent Application

A new patent application was placed on the 3rd Jan, 2014 and published on 9th July 2015.

The patent was filed by Microsoft and, I’m surmising here, lets a device know what angle a finger is being held. This could allow future devices to detect what is being pointed at on screen without you ever needing to actually touch the device.

Many folks are thinking it will make it into an upcoming Lumia phone but I’m hopeful a future Surface model will also include this tech.

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Surface News Roundup-India
 Surface News Roundup: Surface Coming to India

There’s not yet a lot of detail but it looks like the Surface line of tablets will soon be on sale in India. Up until now, Microsoft has cited “the price sensitive nature of the market” as a reason to not target India but it looks like that is changing.

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Notice I didn’t include an item for the new Surface Pro 4 release date rumors but if you want to sample some of the articles floating around, take a look at these: Gizbot, UKMN, Design & Trend, MobileBurn, and Digitimes.


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