Set Up Your New Surface: Colors – Quick Tip #2

Personalize the Colors on your Surface:

Whether in commercials or at the store, I’m sure you’ve seen Surface Start screens with some pretty awesome colors. But, when you unpack and do the initial setup on yours, it comes with the drab dark blue – boring! OK, it may just be me but I prefer to have something more lively.

The good news is that you can easily customize the Start Screen (or just Start) and Desktop colors on your Microsoft Surface tablet. Below is a walk-through on how to do both.

Customize your new Surfaces Start Screen colors:

  • Swipe form the right or hold down Windows key + C
  • Chose Settings
  • Chose Personalize
  • Set your preferred background color and accent color. You can also choose a background design here.

Ta-da! That’s all there is to setting colors on Start.

Customize your new Surface Desktop colors:

  • Tap Desktop from the Start
  • Tap and hold anywhere on the Desktop.
  • A menu will appear, chose Personalize.
  • Chose Colors – this will allow you to set the color of borders and taskbar in Desktop.
  • Set the colors you like.

You can also set your background image and overall Desktop theme here, as well as, the Windows sounds but more on that in a later post. For now we’re concentrating on just colors.

Ta-da! You’re done!

Now your new Surface looks just the way you want it – right? Up next in this series: quick tips on how to work with Windows Tiles, install software, and customize sounds on your Surface.

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