Love My Surface Forum Launch

Announcing the Love My Surface Forum

When you start a blog you always dream of achieving success and it becoming popular. However, there’s something few people think of when they start….. what happens if the blog actually takes off?

I’ll tell you what happens, you get buried in comments, e-mails (OMG, the e-mails), and social media messages. And, of course, we need to continue to write.

We’re ecstatic that we’re able to help the thousands of people a day coming to Love My Surface with problems and questions but we’re not always happy with how quickly we’re able to respond to them. We love you guys! and we want to help everyone. Sooooo….

Since we are always up to the challenge and try to figure out ways to provide value to our readers, we decided to tackle this head-on and incorporate a forum into LMS. So, this email is to let you know that it is ready!

You can find it here

We built it so when you need help with your Surface, you can easily ask questions and others who have answers can help you. It will also allow Joanna and I to make sure everyone gets consistent help because the forum is easier to manage than comments (in hundreds of articles).

In case you’re wondering, comments are not going to go away but we will be setting the system to close comments when the article is a month old. That way, you can comment when the posts are new but later move your questions/discussions/problems to the forum.

So, head on over to and register your account by clicking on the Register option in the top menu and introduce yourself (if you so wish).

Joanna and Tim

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