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Tip of the Week: default documents location
Tip of the Week: How to change your default documents location.

The Surfaces are awesome little devices but, as other tablets, they are limited in storage space. One way to get around filling up your Surface’s drive is to redirect the default Documents location, in my case I set it to my OneDrive.

As in other Windows Operating Systems, this is a pretty easy process.

Here is how to change your default documents location:

  1. Open File Explorer in Desktop Mode
  2. Under This PC, find Documents

  3. Right-click Documents and select Properties
  4. Click Location tab and Find Target..
  5. Go to your One Drive and create a folder (or select existing folder) to redirect as your default location.
  6. Copy its path and paste it back to the Document Properties (as shown in #4)
  7. Click Apply
    Whatever you named your folder on One Drive will be renamed to Documents

  8. You will be asked if you want to copy your existing documents to the new location
  9. Say Yes and you’re all done!

From now on, any time you save anything to your Surface’s Documents folder it will actually put it in the folder you designated on your OneDrive.

If you’d like to learn more about folders, files and how to manage them, see this great post from Microsoft on Working with Files and Folders.

I hope this helps you save some storage space on your Surface.

For more ways to free up space on your Surface see our post Free up Space on Your Surface Part 1.


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