Awesome End-of-Year Technology Sales

The Year-end Tech Sales Have Begun:

‘Tis the season for….shopping. This is the time of the year when retailers are trying to get rid of last year’s inventory and increase their year-end profits. Since the Christmas shoppers are just about done with their shopping frenzy, places like Microsoft, Amazon, and BestBuy have now switched to year-end sales.

These technology sales can be amazing – that is if you still have any money left to shop with after Christmas. We have friends that buy their Christmas gifts right before or right after the holiday, fully aware that none of them will get here in time for Christmas day. It’s a strategy and I’d say it’s a good one because there are lots of savings to be had out there. Below is a highlight of some of the good technology sales that have caught my attention…


Microsoft is running their Year-end Signature Edition PC Sale on laptops, desktops, and other electronics. The thing that caught my eye about it was their sale on monitors. You can get a 28-inch HD monitor that normally sells for $499.99 for only $299.00 – not bad if you’re planning on setting up a home office with a docking station. Their sale is good until supplies run out. You can find details at Year-end Signature Edition PC Sale.


Tech Accessories Year-end Deals by Amazon are pretty great. Lots of good savings on pretty much any tech-related accessories, anything from headsets to phone covers and lots of stuff in between – you can find it all at Amazon. For details check out their Tech Accessories page: Shop Amazon – Tech Accessories Year-End Deals.

If you’re interested in non-technology stuff, Amazon has that too, you can find deals on just about anything. I, for one, am shopping for snorkel gear and love the deals I found! See Shop Amazon Year-End Deals for details.

Best Buy:

Best Buy is also running great end-of year sales on most of their electronics. They even have the Surface 2 for only $299, just like Microsoft. That’s a savings of $150! Microsoft has sold out but Best Buy still has them available in many locations. You can buy online and pick up at the store, if you’re still Christmas shopping. For details see Best Buy Online.

Newegg Electronics Clearance:

Newegg has clearance deals on anything from case fans to computers to cordless tools. This may be a good opportunity to get USB and video adapters for your Surface for cheap. See the list of full deals at newegg clearance store.

ThinkGeek Sale:

I’ve already admitted here that I’m a gadget geek. I love gadgets! There is no better place to get them than ThinkGeek. Right now, they are having a big sale on everything. You can save between 20-30% based on how much you spend.

See details at ThinkGeek Site.

Happy Shopping!


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