Goodbye and new beginnings…

Meet John, the new owner

I have a bitter-sweet feeling as I write this because it will (probably) be my last post…

As some of you know, Joanna and I are handing over control of Love My Surface (LMS) to free up our time for new ventures. We’ll be starting by doing some traveling in Europe this summer while we develop new ideas – yes, we do already live on the beach in Puerto Rico but the adventures expand. 🙂

If you’re curious, you can follow our travel adventures on Abroad Dreams.

The main reason we’re looking to do something new is because we had, basically, exhausted what just the two of us could do with LMS – we simply didn’t have any more time to put into it.

So, to help expand and take LMS to new and better heights, we sought out someone who had the time and skills to make LMS even better and we found that person in John Bae.

Here’s a little bio for John:

John is a geek at heart, loving gadgets with passion for more than 30 years. He has been working in professional software development companies for more than 20 years as a software developer, project manager and as a director. Now working for himself, he has finally found his dream after many years of pursuit. His next major goal is to travel/work in a RV and experience the entire North America with his spouse.

We’ll be handing over LMS to John and his team of tech writers who will be taking LMS to the next level while we start fresh in Europe.

We hope that we’ve helped many of you better use your Surface over the past three years and we know John and his team will continue to help many more over the years to come…

-Tim and Joanna

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