Tracking the Status of Your Surface Warranty – A Quick and Easy Way

Bothered about your Surface Pro devices? Feel the need to reach out to Microsoft for help? Well, do not worry, mate – we have got you covered. Here’s a swift way to verify your Surface’s warranty status without the help of the experts.

The corporation has worked to provide basic security on all Surface devices, including PCs and Surface-branded peripherals. Thus, a majority of Surface devices come with a one-year limited hardware warranty, alongside 90 days of technical and expert assistance. 

Microsoft Surface Pro Warranty

What the Warranty Entails 

According to Microsoft, a basic one only covers hardware problems, which does not include accidental damage. The above means that any damage inflicted on the device by the owner due to an accident will not be covered.

Also provided is technical and expert support for the first 90 days following the device’s purchase. The expert support is tasked with granting technical aid and assistance for the preinstalled applications on the computer. If you desire more coverage, including for accidental damage, purchasing Microsoft Complete when you pick up your device, or within 45 days of doing so, will be a good idea. 

Complete works to extend the regular provision, thus protecting against accidental damage. It even goes further to provide technical assistance for preloaded software. This offer extends through the validity of the warranty.

If you’re unsure whether your Surface device is still under warranty, there are many ways for you to find out. Among these, I’d like to demonstrate a new quick and easy way to check the warranty status of your Surface tablet using the Surface app.

Getting the Surface App from the Microsoft Store

2019 saw the software giant upgrading the Surface App to include a new feature that allows the user to check the device’s warranty status, without the need for device registration or an account login. They have preloaded the Surface app by default on all Surface PCs from the factory and the recovery image. 

If you can’t locate the app on your computer, you can get it from the Store application. Here is how to go about it:

  • Navigate to the Microsoft Store. Click the Search icon next to your profile photo, then enter “Surface“.
  • Now navigate to the Apps area and seek for an app called “Surface.” Click to open it.
  • Start the download proper by clicking Get. Wait until it is finished, then launch the program from the Start menu.

Alternatively, you can go straight to downloading the app by clicking here

Warranty Status Check with the Surface App

Checking your status has never been easier especially with the Surface app. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Surface app.
  • Navigate to the Your Surface area by clicking the hamburger menu.
  • Open the Surface app to access your Surface.
  • The warranty length and expiration date for your Surface will be displayed on the right page.


You now have access to your Surface warranty information. If your device is still covered, you may initiate an online service order by visiting the Device Center website, or you can visit your local Store for in-person assistance. If you have any concerns or have any difficulties with the techniques outlined in this tutorial, please leave a comment below.

Note that if you own several Surface devices, you can register all of them and check their status from a single location on the Device Center gateway page here.

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