More Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Surface

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Surface:

Last year I wrote a Quick Tip post on some useful Windows 8 shortcuts for your Surface, see Windows 8.1: Useful Surface Shortcuts. Today, I’d like to expand on that post and give you some new shortcuts that can make your life easier, as well as some “oldie but goodie” general keyboard shortcuts that can help when you’re working with a keyboard, especially in Desktop mode.

The way that this works is that the “+” indicates that you press both keys at the same time. The Windows key indicates the

 key on your Surface keyboard. So, let’s get started…

Windows keyH – opens the share charm, this is especially helpful if you’re trying to send something to OneNote.

CTRL + plus\minus sign – zooms in or out. This shortcut is helpful when you have a large number of items, like apps on Start Screen in the picture above.

Windows key + F – brings up the file search menu.

Windows key + P – allows you to chose the presentation mode. Especially useful if you are using multiple monitors or a projector.

Windows key + K – shows the list of your devices (if you have them installed), like printers or anything else attached.

Windows key + L – locks your screen quickly, in case you need to walk away.

Windows key + E – this shortcut opens the file explorer, pretty useful for quick file access.

General Windows Shortcuts (oldies but goodies):

CTRL + C – copies selected items.

CTRL + – pastes selected items.

CTRL + – cuts selected items.

CTRL + – undoes last action.

ALT + FnF4 – closes the current application you are in.

CTRL + – re-does last action.

CTRL + A – selects everything in the open window.

I hope these help you be more efficient when you are working with the keyboard on your Surface tablet. If you have any favorite keyboard shortcuts, I’d love to hear about them.


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