Cloud Storage Options for your Surface

Cloud Storage Options for your Surface
A few months back, Microsoft raised the free OneDrive account capacity to 15 GB and their Office 365 OneDrive storage to 1 TB. Then, just last week, Microsoft started quietly removing the 2GB file size limit on uploads to OneDrive.

As you might expect, Microsoft added these features to keep up with (or get ahead of) other cloud storage services like Amazon Cloud Drive.

When I saw this, it got me thinking about the free cloud storage options for your Surface tablet. And so, I decided to make this post that outlines what each service offers.

The results will be in a table format, so that you can easily compare their features.

Cloud Storage Options for your Surface: The Competitors

I’ll be comparing the following free cloud storage services. I know there are others like SugarSync and Mega so if I missed your favorite, I’m sorry but I can’t cover them all without making such a huge table that it would be unreadable. I did try to pick 6 of the the most popular options, however.

And I’ll be comparing the following criteria:

  • Space offered for free
  • File size limit
  • Can you “earn” more space (i.e. if you refer a friend do you get additional free space)
  • Sharing (i.e. can you share files from within your space)
  • Windows Store App
  • Sync client (for Surface Pro)
  • Security
  • Ease of use

Please note that all of the offerings can be accessed from either a Surface Pro or Surface RT/2 machine using a web browser.

Cloud Storage Options for your Surface: The Results

Without any further delay, here are the results of my research:

(Click on the table for a much larger view)

I hope you find this useful. I know cloud storage is really important to me because i often have much more data than I can fit on my Surface’s local storage and having options for cloud storage is the best way to get around that limitation.

So, as always, your fellow readers and I would like to know what you think. So, if you have any input, please leave a comment.



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