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New And Updated Accessories Store:

We get a ton of questions about accessories and their compatibility with the Surface devices. We strive to review as many as we can and provide you with useful information. To that end, we created a new and updated Accessories Store (powered by Amazon), that lists all the accessories we have tested.

You will find that the store is broken up into categories, as follows:

  • Featured – here you will find accessories for business. This includes business on the go, like portable projector, and home office accessories, like a monitor. Everything in this section works on all versions of the Surface device.
  • Surface 3 – in this section, you will find accessories that are specific to Surface 3 that we tested and feel comfortable recommending.
  • Surface Pro (1,2,3) – obviously this is for Surface Pro line.
  • Carrying Cases – we have looked at tested lots of carrying cases for Surface devices. In this section, you will see a comprehensive listing of what we liked.
  • Books – as a bonus, we’re throwing in some suggestions on books that we read that may be helpful to you in understanding your Surface and its operating system (Windows 8.x)

To find our Amazon store click Accessories Store or the picture above. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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