Surface News Roundup – June 20, 2015


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The topics this week:

  • Surface 3 LTE coming to US soon?
  • More discounts on Surface Pro 3
  • Surface Hub Specifications
  • Armodilo Kiosks Support Surface Tablets
  • Gusto Supports Surface

Surface News Roundup – June 20, 2015: Surface 3 LTE coming to US? (Rumor)

The recent appearance of English instructions for removing the SIM card from your Surface 3 LTE on Microsoft’s website has prompted rumors that the LTE version is about to debut in the US.

Some sources on the internet have placed the announcement/release date at around July 1st.

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Surface News Roundup – June 20, 2015: Up to $150 off Surface Pro 3

Microsoft is offering another round of savings on the Surface Pro 3 and setting off speculation and rumor that the Surface Pro 4 release is eminent as a result.

To get the the full $150 USD off, you have to purchase a i5/256GB SP3 or either of the i7 models. You can get a $100 USD discount on the i5/128Gb version but, there are no discounts for the i3 version.

Don’t forget that you can also get a trade-in on your current device.

The deals are available from both the Microsoft Store and Best Buy.

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Surface News Roundup – June 20, 2015: Surface Hub Specifications

This week, Microsoft has made technical specifications available for both versions of the Surface Hub.

  • The $7000 USD, 55″ version will offer a i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, Intel 4600 graphics, and 128GB SSD. in a wall mounted 105 lb (48kb) package
  • The $19000 USD, 84″ version will offer a i7 CPU, 8GB or RAM, NVIDIA K200 graphics, and 128GB SSD in a wall mounted 280lb (127kg) package

Both models have multiple cameras, multi-point touch support and a plethora of ports out. In addition, they both come with 2 Surface Hub Pens and a wireless keyboard as part of the package.

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Surface News Roundup – June 20, 2015: Armodilo Kiosks Support Surface Tablets

Armodilo Display Solutions announced support for the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet for all of its enclosures and tablet stands.

Armodilo’s award winning tablet enclosures and stands are the only small footprint kiosks on the market that are designed to accommodate a wide variety of tablet devices quickly and easily right out of the box.

According to the company’s founder; “The new Microsoft Surface 3 fits beautifully into all Armodilo tablet enclosures and stands, thanks to our flexible Tablet Fit Kit system”…“Our Tablet Fit Kits allow us to easily support a wide variety of tablets, including the new Microsoft Surface 3 tablet – which will be available immediately”

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Surface News Roundup – June 20, 2015: Gusto Supports Surface

Gusto, a leader in restaurant management technology, announced support for the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet this week.

Gusto is currently the only serious restaurant POS product taking full advantage of Windows 8.1 and the Surface tablet.

“There are many low-end POS products that run on consumer tablets,” said Bill Draper, Founder and CEO of Gusto. “However,” Draper continued, “serious operators prefer a choice of hardware devices that includes modern tablets as well as more traditional POS hardware and only Gusto for Windows offers this full range of options.”

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