Field Trip to Microsoft Store: How I did a Sheldon Impression

Troy, Michigan, Microsoft Store: Nerd Alert!

We got up early, got ready and, headed to Troy (an hour drive) to visit the Microsoft retail store. We wanted to get our hands on the MS Surface Pro 2 before we pre-ordered it. We were the first ones there this morning and, I gotta tell ya, we were like a couple of kids in a candy store. Tim disappeared somewhere into the store and I was hovering around the Surface 2s playing with, err.. I mean inspecting and evaluating, them.

My verdict: LOVE THEM both!

Other customers started to come in and one had some questions that the young sales lady just didn’t understand. So, helpful as always am, I helped the guy out. When the sales person understood what he was looking for, she exclaimed: “oh, we sell those!” And quickly disappeared in the back of the store to get it.

Microsoft Store

In the meantime, I stood there explaining stuff to this guy. When she returned the customer said: “Thank you ladies, I like it and I got the last one from you too.” At which point the young lady looked at me a bit embarrassed.

And I sheepishly said: “you didn’t get it from me, I’m just a customer like you.

At the end of our play visit, the sales rep came over and thanked me for the help. As we walked out, Tim said: “you channeled Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory!)”.  Ha ha ha – I guess I did, well at least I didn’t take over the register…

Anyway, the Microsoft Store was awesome. The Surface 2s did not disappoint. And Tim was very happy because he reserved his Surface Pro 2 today.

There were a couple of things I learned, too:

  • If you pre-order a Surface in a store, it’s really just a reservation which will allow you to pick it up on Oct. 22; as opposed to waiting for it to be shipped to you. But, you will have to pick it up from the store.
  • The Surface 2 (RT), was surprising light. I really liked that.
  • Surface 2 (RT) has a very, very matte finish. I would not call it silver at all. Not sure if I like it.
  • Surface Pro 2-128s are sold out from store reservations and Pro 2-256 are sold out online.
  • You can get an additional $25 credit on a purchase of $75 or more if you take the OneNote demo in the store.
  • If you have an iPad or iPhone you can get an online trade-in estimate here:
  • The new Type Cover 2 will now come in color (as well as be back-lit).
  • If you wear a green jacket, you can be mistaken for Microsoft Store staff.

All in all, an excellent morning!

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