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When it comes to watching a movie or making a presentation, the screen on the Microsoft Surface doesn’t cut it. While it’s adequate, it’s not perfect. Linking the Surface up to a larger monitor or even television is easy. All you’ll need is a DisplayPort cable. Displayport is similar to the HDMI that you might be used to, but with a different shape.

Displayport works almost identically to HDMI. But while HDMI is perfect for televisions, Displayport tends to be superior for computer monitors and screens. The Microsoft Surface comes with a conveniently placed DisplayPort slot. By plugging a cable into it and then into a monitor, you can use either two screens separately or mirror across them.

Often the main reason why you might choose to use a monitor is when at a desk. The Surface is perfect for working on the go. But when you’re in the office, a larger monitor can make work simpler. In this case, you’ll need a DisplayPort cable to mirror your screen to the monitor. You’ll still be able to use the Surface as you would normally.

Product Name



Ivanky 6.6 Ft Braided Gold-Plated Cable
Capshi 4k Displayport Nylon Cable
Rankie DP To DP Cable
Ivanky 10 Ft Cable
Cable Matters 8k Cable
AmazonBasics DP To DP
Cable Matters 4k Ready DP To DP

How We Rate and Rank Products

Cables are simple. But that doesn’t mean that some aren’t better than others. The three main factors that we considered were signal quality, price, and durability. There’s not much else to think about!

Even the best DisplayPort cable for Microsoft Surface devices isn’t expensive. Normally they are around $10. However, the price can be better or worse depending on the quality of product you get for that money. We realize this, which is why we put a lot of weight on value.

During our research process, we looked at a vast number of cables. We narrowed this down to only seven. These seven are the absolute best cables available. By reading all the reviews that we could, we were able to discern where each wire was successful and whether it had issues. As a result, we can rank and rate them to make your buying decision easier.

The Top 7 Best Displayport Cables for Microsoft Surface

Ivanky is one of the most popular brands in the industry. They are known for producing quality and durable products. At first glance, you’ll notice that the metal is entirely gold-plated. Gold is an excellent conductor. As a result, it can help to ensure a crisp and quality signal. While a minor improvement, at high resolutions the difference can be staggering.

Rather than having a rubber or acrylic wire, it’s made using a nylon braiding. A braid will bend and flex far more than a solid cable. As a result, this wire will be infinitely more durable and won’t suffer damage from being curved or bent for long periods.

Both ends of the adaptor are male, meaning that you can connect the Surface directly to a monitor or screen. This cable will work for presentations, movies, video games or anything else. It’s capable of streaming up to a 4k resolution to the attached monitor.

Almost no monitor or TV is above 4k. Therefore, you’ll be able to share anything with your screen at the highest possible resolution. For movies and games, this means unparalleled graphics and crisp edges with deep colors.

But the resolution isn’t everything. The frame rate, which is the number of frames per second, is important. A low frame rate leaves movies feeling choppy. While a much higher one creates a super smooth, almost too realistic, feeling, for film, you’ll often want a lower rate, while for video games, the higher the rate, the better.

This cable is capable of up to 165Hz at 2k and even 60Hz at 4k resolution. This rate is incredible and guarantees a smooth and beautiful picture on even large screens.

Ivanky stands behind their products. So much so that they are offering an unconditional, lifetime warranty with this cable. For this reason alone, it’s our number one DisplayPort wire. If anything at all goes wrong, even if it’s your fault, they will replace it. No questions asked, ever.

Give this cable a go and experience flawless sound passthrough. With quality wiring, you’ll get uncompressed 7.1 and 5.1 audio at the highest quality. If quality, durability, and price are important to you, this is right cable for you. At around $10, it’s an absolute steal.

Much like the Ivanky cable that we just reviewed, Capshi offers a fantastic product at a competitive price. If you compared the two side by side, you’d be hard-pressed to find a difference between them. Given the nature of Chinese goods, it’s not unlikely that they were in the same factory.

However, we ranked this cable second because it doesn’t have as many reviews. Therefore, we can’t be as confident that it will deliver a premium signal for years to come. Whereas Ivanky cables have thousands of incredibly positive reviews and therefore we feel comfortable suggesting that our readers buy them.

Regardless, this Capshi wire uses a similar nylon braided cable. Nylon is extremely tough. You might think of it as a clothing fabric, but when interwoven it can be much stronger than rubber. These braids hold up particularly well under torsion, and this makes them perfect for using computer cables which often get bent in multiple directions.

The cord is 6.6 feet in length. This distance isn’t huge but is typically good enough for most uses. If you need a longer cable, you might consider one of the other cables on this list, some of which are over 10 feet long.

This cable is capable of transmitting a crystal clear signal at up to resolutions of 4k at 60 Hertz. While 1440p can be up to 144Hz, this ultra speed delivery makes it perfect for transmitting video streams or playing computer games on a larger screen than the Surface offers.

As with the Ivanky cable, Capshi is also offering unconditional lifetime warranty and support on this cable. Therefore, you have no reason not to give it a try. The worst case scenario is that you can contact the support and resolve the problem within 24-hours, typically with a free replacement shipped to your home.

This cable isn’t anywhere near as complex and capable as those by Capshi or Ivanky. Similarly, you’ll probably never have heard of Rankie, even if you’re a tech wizard. However, the one factor that they have on their side is the price. Available for a fraction of the previous two, this cable is ideal for those looking for a basic and simple solution.

Notably, it’s not capable of streaming 144Hz, and even 60Hz might not work depending on the resolution. However, it can transmit up to 4k resolution video. As a result, this cable is for basic use around presentations, HD video and day-to-day computer use. It’s not ideal for playing video games or streaming high FPS movies.

As with the previous two options, you’ll also get a lifetime warranty from Rankie. It’s not clear whether it’s unconditional or not, which is disappointing. Regardless, a warranty is always beneficial when you’re buying any form of hardware because manufacturing defects aren’t uncommon.

The wire itself isn’t braided. It uses a typical rubber covering. However, inside there is a braided foil shielding which adds protection and helps to improve signal quality.

One handy feature that you might notice is a latching feature. This latch ensures that you can't easily pull the cable out of the slot. This end of the cord should probably go into the monitor or projection screen. Therefore, it won’t get lost or fall behind a cupboard in a classroom or office setting.

This cable might look familiar to you. That’s because it’s identical to the first option, except that it’s a 10-foot version rather than 6 feet in length. The reason why we ranked this lower is that most people don’t need that extra distance and therefore shouldn’t pay for it.

At around 50 percent more expensive, it’s not a tiny increase in price. However, for certain environments, particularly offices, the extra length might be critical. In our opinion, this is the best 10ft DisplayPort cable for the Microsoft Surface, because of the braided cording, gold plating, and excellent signal quality.

With this cable, you can easily transmit movies, presentations, 4k TV and even play video games at up to 165Hz even at 2k resolution. The quality of Ivanky is hard to surpass. Plus, you get their unconditional lifetime warranty so that you can be confident in your purchase, for the rest of your life.

Capable of transmitting up to 8k resolution, this is the go-to option for huge screens. The reason why we didn’t rank it higher is that it’s more expensive than the Ivanky and Capshi options. Plus, most people will never even see an 8k resolution screen, let alone need to use one.

However, for those of us that do, this is the number one niche choice. With gold plated connectors, they’ll last for years without degradation or rusting. The gold will also help to conduct flawlessly to ensure a smooth picture and clear audio at all times.

If the 6ft version doesn’t cut it, you can also get it at 10ft. The extra distance will cost you a few bucks, but it’s almost certainly worth it. Most huge screens don’t have desks next to them for a Surface to sit on and therefore a longer cable is likely to be needed to connect to the monitor.

In years gone by, Amazon cables were not only the cheapest, but they were also the highest-quality. Those days are gone, and now Capshi and Ivanky offer much greater value for money. This Amazon cable is 6ft long, and at under $10, it’s still very affordable. However, you don’t get the same quality as you’d get from the Ivanky version.

The rubberized cable is going to break over time because it’s not braided like the premium cables. As a result, Amazon doesn’t offer an unconditional lifetime warranty. The head of the adaptor is also made using plastic and rubber, instead of a tougher aluminum that is more likely to last.

However, for a basic cable, it’s a reasonable option. It’s not the best choice, but if you want to support Amazon and buy from a brand you trust, it will get the job done. In particular, for HD and standard TV, videos and games, you are unlikely to notice a big difference between this and an Ivanky or Capshi version. At higher resolutions and FPS, you will.

The second entry into this list for Cable Matters, arguably the most well-known brand in the industry. The reason why we felt the need to include this was for those people who need very long cords. Available at up to 25 feet in length, it’s perfect for commercial use. Plus, it’s still available for under $20 on Amazon.

You’re unlikely to find a superior option when you need a much longer cord. Almost identical to the previous Cable Matters option, it’s also 4k ready, and with gold-plated connectors, you’ll get a  crystal clear picture.

Buyers Guide: Choosing the Best Displayport Cable for Microsoft Surface

When you’re looking at any cable, you need to consider what you’re linking to. If it’s a very large screen, signal quality is vital. You’ll also need to consider:

  • What you’re transmitting
  • Price you want to pay
  • Casing of the wire
  • Conductivity of the metal

Likewise, if the monitor or screen is far away, you’ll need a longer cable. Most cables are relatively short, and therefore you need to pay close attention to this. It’s probably worthwhile measuring the distance to your screen if possible. As you might imagine, longer cables are usually more expensive.

After signal quality and length, you should look closely at the durability of the cable. They are notoriously weak. Cheap and inferior products might see tearing in the wire. This ripping can cause distortion and a complete loss of signal. By nature, a wire is going to get trampled and moved around. Therefore, durability is key to ensuring a long lifetime.

To get greater durability, you’ll need thick wire casing or flexible materials. These will prevent damage from bending of the cable that overtime causes cracking and fractures in the surface of the wire. After excessive friction, these cracks can split open and cause serious problems and even become dangerous.

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