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is a former IT Director for a major public university, who gave up a high paying career to blog full time. She is proud to be a professional geek. Joanna loves all things technology and Surface tablets are her passion. She and Tim created LoveMySurface.net to help others be more productive using these awesome tablets.

Configuring OneDrive On Your Surface

OneDrive On Windows 10
A couple of weeks ago, Tim covered the issue of OneDrive taking up too much bandwidth in his post Throttle OneDrive On Surface. Today, I want to step back and get back to some of the basics of configuring OneDrive in Windows 10. You may have owned a Surface device for a while now (perhaps even have one of the older versions)...

Helpful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts For Surface Tablets

Helpful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts For Surface Tablets
Since, for better or worse,  Windows 10 is now the standard on Surface tablets, we’ve been getting some questions about Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are handy because they may make life easier during those times when you're not using touch (or you have a Surface Book) and you have a keyboard attached. Generally speaking, the old Windows shortcuts still...

How Many External Monitors Can I Daisy Chain To A Surface?

how many external monitors
If you're wondering how many external monitors you can connect to your Surface tablet by daisy-chaining Displayport (or Mini Displayport) capable monitors together, this post is for you. While the maximum number of external monitors (or other displays, see our post on how to connect external displays to your Surface) a Surface can support is just 2, it is highly dependent...

Getting A New Surface? – To Do Checklist

New Surface checlist
I recently had to replace my "tried but true" Surface Pro 3 with a replacement Surface Pro 3 (yellow-stripe issue) and realized that there are some things that are "must-dos" when switching over to a new device, no matter what the reason for the exchange. So, I complied the steps I took into a list to make it easier for...

Printing For Surface Owners

Printing for Surface
Printing For Surface Owners Basics The Surface is, of course, a paperless device (and many of us want to keep it that way) but the reality is that there is still much need for paper. Whether it is for work or for personal reasons, you probably still find yourself needing to print from your Surface device. This is especially true if you have...

How Can You Connect Your Surface Tablet To External Displays?

Connect Surface Tablet to External Display
If you're like me and you want to use your Surface tablet to its full potential, you probably already purchased a Type Keyboard for your device (or bought a Surface Book which comes with a keyboard). However, you may also be considering making a full transition to the Surface and giving up all of your other computers (desktops, tablets, laptops)...